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US media launches war propaganda campaign against Russia as CIA prepares to back an “insurgency” in Ukraine

On Thursday and Friday, hours after a series of negotiations over Ukraine between Russia and NATO failed, the US intelligence apparatus and media have launched a massive campaign aimed at preparing public opinion for a military escalation of the conflict.


When false flag operations aren't considered a conspiracy theory, it's the worse of humanity developing the conspiracy theory. Only public relation firms, NGO's, and think tanks working for the capitalist system are allowed to manufacture acceptable conspiracy theories. When a negative theory is developed against the empire however, only then is it looked upon as a delusional conspiracy.

This aspect of the means to manage our perception is fully explained on the 3rd pinned page of the group along with the other elements that correlate with it. [] It has been purposely turned into a weapon against us just as the term (fake news) has been. You must do the work to understand who is using it to deceive and control you or who has a genuine agenda to inform you. There is no shortage of opposing information to that which is out there to deceive you in regards to our politicians and the corporate owned MSCM. They are both owned by the ruling class. You just have to be willing to find it and or ask for it.

{The talks had been set to fail from the beginning since both NATO and the United States made clear that Russian proposals on NATO expansion were “non-starters” after Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly begged NATO to give Russia “something, at least something.”}

In other words. We'll do as we please as we back the genocide of a centuries old region of being made of Russian people conducted by a fascist state. While we also move military weapons close to your border. You, however, are not permitted to attempt to defend yourselves or conduct humanitarian efforts for this regions people.

{The New York Times followed up the initial CNN story with a piece by David Sanger, a longtime “insider” of the US intelligence and military apparatus and author of countless pieces of war propaganda. Sanger quoted several Biden administration officials who fully endorsed the intelligence leaks.}

When do you need to recognize the red flag? When an intelligence leak is endorsed compared to when they claim the information is of national security. When the evidence is leading towards criminality and or inhumane actions against the empire, national security becomes a curtain to suppress discovery. When they want to manage your perception towards acceptance, it's almost always a means of deception. On one hand evidence is suppressed in a cover up while on the other they provide no substantial evidence to back up their claims. But the intelligence was endorsed. What intelligence?

Obviously the risk of national security is on Russia's behalf. If they had genuine evidence, wouldn't it be wiser to indulge to prevent over provoking a war? The insinuation there is evidence is already out of the hat for Russia to know they would have a leak. So there's no reason not to disclose it other than to provoke a reaction and or use the narrative towards other intentions. If it's to provoke, what entity are they attempting to provoke towards manufacturing the outcome they desire?

Shades of Syria. Are you getting it yet? And let this sink in for a moment, if you need a moment. Russia has no where else to retreat to!

{While the sources claimed the program was defensive in nature, it is clearly intended to prepare and assist Ukrainian paramilitary forces in fighting Russian troops. One former CIA official plainly stated, “The United States is training an insurgency” in order “to kill Russians.”}

How is Russia suppose to take that?

{The coup resulted in an ongoing civil war in eastern Ukraine that has killed over 14,000 people over the past eight years. Since 2014, the United States has given Ukraine another $2.5 billion in military assistance. Far-right and neo-Nazi forces played the central role in both the coup and the ensuing civil war, enjoying the direct support and protection from the Ukrainian state.}

This is what our tax dollars are funding and supporting. It's what Obama and Biden allowed to be brought to our country in retrospectively that's correlated with todays issues in regards to inciting fascist. It's what they, NONE of our representation, and their MSCM will talk about. Why?

{The imperialist buildup of far-right paramilitary forces in Ukraine has a long history. German imperialism could count on the support of fascist forces during its occupation of Ukraine in World War II. In the immediate years following the world war, the CIA and other US intelligence agencies supported the remnants of the collaborationist Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and its armed offshoot, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA).

The US Army’s Counterintelligence Corps (CIC) in Munich protected infamous OUN leader Stepan Bandera from arrest by the Soviets. That Bandera was an anti-Semite and Nazi collaborator and that the UPA carried out the massacre of Jews and Poles during World War II were of little importance to the CIA, which was hoping to employ Ukrainian nationalists in order to help them “roll back” the Soviet Union.}

There's no genuine intent in the US from our representatives to quell the fascist and nationalist movement. Just as in Ukraine, they provide a means to hidden agendas that both establishment parties are collaborate in. How can you possibly miss the obvious biasness for them on the social front in past confrontations? During Trump rallies? As they have substantially been growing since the 2014 Ukraine illegal regime change. Don't for a minute think that the facade going on in DC is a genuine measure for our safety! If it isn't being talked about, your safety means nothing to them.

Not only are white supremacists from across the West flocking to Ukraine to learn from the combat experience of their fascist brothers-in-arms, they are doing so openly, under the nose of a shrugging law enforcement — chronicling their experiences on social media before they bring their lessons back home.


{It is on these forces that any US-backed “insurgency” in Ukraine will primarily rely. Both the “false flag” and CIA “insurgency” reports come on the heels of another propaganda effort, designed to portray Ukrainian far-right forces as supposed freedom fighters against Russia, a trope that was pioneered by the Ukrainian far right itself during and after World War II.}

If you didn't catch my hint above, there's that entity. The foresight of the reality always left out of the hindsight when our MSCM mention these "freedom fighters".

{Earlier in December the New York Times published a story titled “Training Civilians, Ukraine Nurtures a Resistance in Waiting.” In his glowing portrayal of “volunteer brigades,” the author, Andrew E. Kramer, failed to mention the role of the country’s far-right paramilitary groups, such as the Azov Battalion and Right Sector, in leading such “volunteer” efforts in a clear attempt to conceal and whitewash their political and social background.}

The Grayzone link above provides a detailed history of these groups, and others, relationships with various people and power structures, including Victoria Nuland managing from behind the scenes. Some elements of these people were invited to the Pentagon for strategy training.

{The Russian oligarchy has no answer to the war drive except a combination of desperate diplomatic maneuvers that are aimed at achieving a deal with the imperialist powers, on the one hand, and the promotion of nationalism and preparations for war at home, on the other. The only force capable of stopping the threat of a catastrophic war is the working class, armed with an international socialist political program and leadership.}

the promotion of nationalism and preparations for war at home----Step on or over? We'll put our boot on the throats of countless innocent civilians to kill, but fascism, will not be tolerated.

False Flags Suddenly No Longer A Crazy Conspiracy Theory

In a drastic pivot from typical denunciations of false flag operations as conspiratorial nonsense that don’t exist outside the demented imagination of Alex Jones, the US political/media class is proclaiming with one voice that Russia is currently orchestrating just such an operation to justify an invasion of Ukraine.


{The problem with preemptive false flag accusations is of course that the side making the claim can simply launch an unprovoked attack and then say “See? They’re staging a false flag to frame our side, just like we said they would!” And then they can present their subsequent actions as defensive in nature, when in reality they were the aggressors and instigators. We are seeing nothing from the obedient western news media to suggest they’d do anything other than uncritically regurgitate such claims into the minds of their trusting audiences.}

William_Mary 8 Jan 16
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I see the latest proposed US intimidation is calling for greater sanctions against Russia & its leader whilst pouring in yet more money to enable Ukrainian fascists & genocidal behaviour.

US duplicity & hypocrisy at its peak?

America’s new nuclear option []

FrayedBear Level 9 Jan 16, 2022

It’s very tiresome to read apologist defenders of Vladimir Putin, a man who is no more socialist than Adolf Hitler was. The invasion and wholesale annexation of Crimea as well as large areas of eastern Ukraine by Russian forces were not defensive measures, no matter how you care to couch it, unless of course you accept Hitler’s argument that the annexation of the Sudetenland was defensive.

How was it an invasion? Show me an invasion. You would deny Crimea's vote of over 96% to rejoin the Russian Federation from the fear the fascist would bring them as they were witnessing in the east? Russia was invited in to quell the violence the fascist started backing a divide military. Siding with those who wanted peace and separation.

Being I just posted this material, it's impossible for you to even inject a substantial debate of the facts within all of it. You're seemingly running on the useless rhetoric found on MSCM and social medias. Please read the group opening and the 3 top pinned pages to avoid any further nonsense.

By the way, who said Putin or Russia was a socialist country? Short of the 1917 revolution, for a short period, they never have been. Russia today is a capitalist country. The USSR was a state - capitalist run country. Commonly more referred to as Communist. You're living in one now. Seemingly blissful of that fact.

@William_Mary So that’s how you feel this issue should roll? A local/regional ethnic majority votes to secede and join another country, and that’s an invitation for that country to come on in with its soldiers? There are a number of counties and districts in the southwest United States that could be prompted, depending on the American government in power at the time, to vote to secede and join with Mexico. Would that be seen as an invitation for the Mexican military to come on in and welcome home its people?

Consider this: a strong ethnic identity is antithetical to pluralism and the mobility of peoples. The endgame there is walls and ethnic isolation—the world embraced by Hitler and Trump.

Is this the world that we really want? Completely Balkanized? I suspect, or at least I would like to hope, that you are not a primordialist—that you see a future for our planet that is not tribal and ethnically isolated—one that is more along the lines of the vision of Gene Roddenberry‘s United Earth, as opposed to the example of Japan or Myanmar’s ethnic purity policies. Is my hope misplaced?

@p-nullifidian how convenient it is you can take the issues there out of context. Which when you ignore the interferences of the US and EU, your manufactured results are virtually-----ethical isolation and tribal towards racism and religion-----to support certain agendas. Demonizing another-----tribe-----to support capitalism via warfare. In this case isolation meaning genocide.

Your analogy now has no basis as you attempt to deny the very type of element (Hitler and Trump like) being supported in Ukraine since 2014 by Obama and Biden, now, all westernized governments. From all spectrums, left right, fake socialist, anything between.

You've resorted to contradicting your own ideology. You're seemingly fitting the patterns this group exposes for those who will apply critical thought towards managed perceptions. There's really no reason for me to continue to debate this with you as you want to manufacture your own facts and ideology. And seemingly don't know the facts of the issue or simply ignoring them to produce false narratives. The same coming from MSCM.

@William_Mary I am merely asking the question. I do not pretend to know everything nor will I resort to insults. I’m merely wanting to know if a world divided along ethnic lines is a world you would be happy with.

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