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Eric Adams' Black on Black Crime

The mass incarceration state was built to lock up as many Black people as possible and discussion of even modest reforms is shut down. Such was the case in New York where the mayor and police commissioner smeared Manhattan's district attorney, forcing him to backtrack on his campaign promise of reducing the number of prison sentences. The Black face rises to the high place because of adherence to white supremacist ideology.


{The term “black on black crime” is a particularly pernicious trope. It is a ruse used to absolve the systemic racism which kills Black people in a plethora of ways. It invalidates Black people’s suffering and gives license to law enforcement and its many acts of brutality.}

How do I, or should you know, this is true? Not to know this would mean you're living within a delusional reality thinking only blacks commit crimes, or on only each other. It would mean the absence of poor white communities where virtually the same type of crimes are committed. Or within any large particular ethnic portion of an American city, especially a major metropolitan city. Not to know this might be due to the ability to have been able to escape the reality of these conditions from entitlement or never having watched any type of filming exposing it. There's really only one way to escape this knowledge. I'll leave that open so I'm not seemingly attempting to insult anyone.

{Ironically, it also describes what is happening among a group of Black officials in New York City. The new mayor and his police commissioner committed a brazen political mugging of the Manhattan District Attorney.

New York City mayor Eric Adams personifies the political imperative to perpetuate an unjust system. Adams was a police officer himself before he went into politics. He has promised to give the police everything they want, including those things that Black people do not want. His mayoralty is a classic case of the dangers of Black faces being in high and inherently corrupt places.}

{While Bragg was being labeled as soft on crime, Joe Biden visited New York to echo the tough on crime mantra. Of course Biden’s failure to do what voters want and his dismal performance with the ongoing covid pandemic have made him very unpopular. Coming to New York in the wake of police funerals and claiming he'll get guns off the streets by giving the police millions of dollars was a political win for him. He diverted attention away from his shortcomings and returned to his days in the senate where he championed the crime bill which devastated Black communities.}

{Adams and Sewell have the media and other politicians behind them. Bragg has popular support from the people who voted for him but they do not act in the cohesive way that he needed. If there were a movement dedicated to fighting police state brutality in all of its forms, Bragg would have been protected. Instead political expediency, lies, racism, and cynicism won the day. If an elected district attorney can be bullied into submission, what are the odds for the average person? The odds aren’t good if individuals act alone. A vocal and organized movement is what Black people need all over the country to end the scourge of mass incarceration and the political power that ensures its continuation.}

And BLM failed as it affiliated itself with the democratic party and corporate donations. It's fallout from discovery of inappropriate fund use is still reeling today.

Please also read ---- The US Political Elite Gives Cover to the Brutal US Police State

The Democratic Party wing of the ruling class wants us to believe that only the crude and overt expressions of those who stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021 represent white supremacists. This is as they practice common cause with a Neo-nazis government in Ukraine, a government that they installed through a coup. Domestically, they support police, who are white supremacist by definittion, that treat groups challenging systemic racism as threats to the state. This is the modern day face of US fascism.


William_Mary 8 Feb 10
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