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Blinken at the UN: A Colin Powell moment

Developments over the past 24 hours make clear that the Biden administration, speaking for dominant sections of the American ruling class, is determined to escalate the confrontation with Russia, even to the point of triggering a world war.


{The Biden administration does not want a compromise settlement: it is seeking the total subjugation or even the breakup of Russia, including by military means. Having in the past quarter century broken apart Yugoslavia and destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya, the United States is once again on the warpath.

The danger of all-out war is escalating. On Thursday, no doubt in coordination with the United States, the Ukrainian military began shelling the positions of pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk, prompting the pro-Russian forces to return fire. The offensive occurred the day after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited troops in eastern Ukraine.}

While virtually our entire MSCM is falsely accusing Russia of breaking another new cease fire agreement. Just as they falsely accused Russia of invading the area in 2014 when these same people were attacked by the fascist elements they put into power from an illegal government coup.

{Over the past several weeks, the US media endlessly trumpeted the claim that an invasion of Ukraine by Russia was “imminent,” even setting a date: Wednesday, February 16. The date came and went, and no Russian invasion of Ukraine occurred. Instead, Russia withdrew a portion of its troops from Crimea and Belarus following the scheduled completion of military exercises there.}

Various highly deceptive moves on their presidents part which is why I highlighted his name above, and the date falsely produced following in the next paragraph. RT reported on at least 1 of their nightly news shows that I caught reporting that it was he that sent that date out into the world citizenship during a press conference. Warning that his intent was possibly some kind of a comical stint that our MSCM picked up and ran with. If you watched RT America you could have watched this insidious action play out as it was happening as I did. This asshat is playing all sides of the social barriers. The side that voted him in for change, which include the people of this region that gave him the overwhelming vote to win, the fascist on the other hand, and all others between. And quite frankly, us. Which he depends on for funding!

{In its display of lies and hypocrisy, Blinken’s performance was even more shameless than that of his predecessor.

🤣 “The basic principles that sustain peace and security, enshrined in the wake of two world wars and the Cold War, are under threat,” Blinken claimed. “The principle that one country cannot change the borders of another by force; the principle that one country cannot dictate another’s choices or policies, or with whom it will associate; the principle of national sovereignty.” 🤣

Who does Blinken think he is kidding? He spoke as the representative of a government that has been engaged for decades in a continuous string of interventions, coups, wars and CIA-backed regime change operations targeting countries throughout the world.}

WSWS goes on to list a number of Blinken's misrepresentation.

😟 In other words, Blinken is giving the fascistic paramilitary groups that have been integrated into the Ukrainian state and military a carte blanche to carry out any manner of crime against pro-Russian separatists or within Russia itself. Any response from Russia will be cited as proof that it has staged as “false flag” operation. 😟

{First, there are the geopolitical calculations. The military operation now unfolding was years or even decades in the making. The United States saw the dissolution of the USSR 30 years ago as an opportunity to abandon all restraints on its global military operations. In relation to Europe, the United States has overseen the continual eastward expansion of NATO, seeking to encircle Russia. As Hitler did in 1941, US and European imperialism see in Russia a vast arena for plunder.}

This is highly relative to the same issue with China. First you have to understand the conditions of the fallout of the USSR. Bringing down the wall the world corporations seen the ability to now plunder Russian resources. Going into the 90's Clinton worked with Yeltsin and funded him to keep him in power in Russia. Hypocritically creating a horrid scene to do so and Clinton helping to justify it. Putin was in Yeltsin's sight to take power after him assuring Clinton he was the man to play the part. It didn't quite work out that way. Putin was entertaining a move to join NATO and took the country another direction. Basically a fail for world plunder in the same manor they had sights on with China as trade deals expanded with China. China wasn't never going to bend to allow the pillaging and over exploitation of their country and people. As with China went with Russia. The world power structure only managed to exploit us while Russia and China exploited them by dissenting to join world globalized capitalism. It has been a miserable fail the world is paying for within this geopolitical agenda. It's simply a continuous means to punish rather than unite the world on a level playing field for greed that benefits a few. At cost is a vast amount of societies and the citizens within, waste of virtually all resources, especially developing what is currently a disastrous food distribution system worldwide, healthcare, purposeful lack of technological advancement which is used virtually only on weapons development, most important, our environment and climate. []

{As Jack F. Matlock, Jr., the last US ambassador to the Soviet Union, noted in an article published on Consortium News on Wednesday, “I cannot dismiss the suspicion that we are witnessing an elaborate charade, grossly magnified by prominent elements of the American media, to serve a domestic political end. Facing rising inflation, the ravages of Omicron, blame (for the most part unfair) for the withdrawal from Afghanistan, plus the failure to get the full support of his own party for the Build Back Better legislation, the Biden administration is staggering under sagging approval ratings just as it gears up for this year’s congressional elections.”

Matlock occupied key foreign policy posts during the Cold War and cannot be accused of pro-Russian sympathies. This makes his indictment of the US incitement of the crisis all the more devastating.}

Well, that's one reason why CN is my most trusted non-socialist site I promote here. The founder and virtually all articles within have always been unbiased in their information questioning all sides of the political spectrum.

William_Mary 8 Feb 18
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