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Even if RT is a propaganda tool, the western media has way more influence. You can look at RT’s Facebook, Twitter accounts etc. and see that American corporate media have thousands of times more interactions (“Likes”, “Retweets”, comments etc. ) than RT. So why so much fear? *The answer is simple😘


William_Mary 8 June 12
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The premise that "all western media are the same on critical matters" is simply not true. In fact, it's laughable. However, there IS wide agreement that Russia's invasion of Ukraine in illegal. Because it is. 😂


Definitely food for thought with some members like @Barjoe, @Garban, @Lizard_of_Ahaz, @Alienbeing, @Flyingsaucesir, @Petter et al.

FrayedBear Level 9 June 12, 2022

What are they afraid of?

@FrayedBear a more grounded sense of reality.

Not afraid of RT. I just know it's Russia State Media. Russia Sucks! How's that for fucking reality?

@barjoe Do you say the same about your American false news and words of mass deception Joe?

@barjoe, @William_Mary Very hard for psychotics to realize that they are living in a delusion.

@FrayedBear If someone posts links from NewsMax, OOAN or political links from FoxNews? Yes, I say the same.

@FrayedBear I don't even bother with joe anymore. As you can see from his comment he's admittedly indoctrinated to a certain brand of perception management. Which leaves him incapable of producing an intellectual discourse. If one choses to only observe a particular brand of information developed solely for its viewers, they become easily indoctrinated to that sources half truths or blatant mis/disinformation, where they're drawn into a false reality created for them. I know this because I was once like Joe. I even seem to have been a member of the same false reality he's in now.

I've been around the block with Joe a few times having wasted my time to attempt to pull him out of his rabbit hole. I left my rabbit hole as I began to learn that the Iraq war was built on lies and was essentially a murder spree on our own men and women, innocent civilians, for the profit of the ruling class. Recognizing how all our MSCMs and MSMs were accomplices within this injustice on the world society, as it spread across the world within various aspects effecting other countries. I can also place this same type of deception on the Afghanistan war where the objective of going to Afghanistan was a lie. Ending with the same results. Which we are again witnessing with the Ukraine war, also a manufactured construct of western governments involving a vast campaign of mis/disinformation.

Joe looks to be about my age, maybe older, I don't see any sign in him of helping me help deliver my message to those who are genuinely asking themselves, what the fuck is going on around me. Which I began this journey after advocating for Bernie Sanders in 2016, still slightly thinking the democratic party might hold the key to progressive politics. To which Sanders betrayed his supporters in the most disgusting manor a political figure could, and his spoken democratic socialist claims.

Being Joe is a victim of managed perception within a particular brand he can't construct a developed opinion to recognize what I mention above or to correlate it to the history of other wars created on the same blue prints. Seemingly stuck on the now which is how they like us. Where history can be erased as it is being so today in regards to WWll and fascism. I observe all sides using various medias to which history fills in many blanks for me to arrive at a grounded conclusion. This enables me to detect the half truths and mis/disinformation while also absorbing the potential facts.

Joe will never know how useful RT is because he refused to observe it. I'm particularly referring to their live news coverage and documentaries which I find are very much more grounded to a realistic world view. I don't need him to tell me RT is state funded or biased to Russia. I already know this. RT is a international news program with documentaries on various worldwide cultures. They also still currently have 4 talk shows that would be more sided to his views that expose more unbiased information that he could learn from. People like Joe prohibit their own intellectuality. I also know our MSCMs and MSMs are also. I know this because I spend time observing other sources. Joe obviously doesn't understand the concept of who owns our medias, how they operate, who and what they operate for. He will most likely never come to terms with the fact that our medias are more controlled with more of the purposes of the agendas our medias and government accuse others of being. Which they are directed to do by the various relation firms and think tank groups who develop 80% of their controlled information for the benefit of the very 6 ruling class corporate owners they work for. Which also filters down to all the lower various types of MSM.

I have a fair idea within this community now of who to avoid wasting my time on. Some people will just never leave the rabbit hole made for them. There's a thin line where you allow them to turn you into them. I won't cross it. I'm already forced to be a serf to a system I don't agree with. I refuse to allow other serfs to pull me down to the level they become comfortable in or support.

@William_Mary thank you.
For much of my life I have been aware of the fact that many others disagree with my beliefs & understandings and sadly have had to come to accept that I have to live without their concurrence. At time it worries me mostly however I simply pass over it. However like when at the funfair on the game where you have to hit a mole, coon or mouse popping out of a hole I will enjoy swinging the mallet if only to exercise my arm.
I was talking with an old friend, a Trumpite, who despite his absolute conviction that the 45th president is correct to the extent of being omnipotent, now believes that the majority of the world, unlike the retired Jewish barkeeps, has come to realise the horrible situation that is purveyed by this small minority inflicting so much misery around the world.
If the history of Louis XVI & Tsar Nicholas II is logical so will be the removal of the modern problems & the misery caused by them.

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