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Trudeau government increasingly using authoritarian secret orders-in-council

Canada’s Justin Trudeau-led federal Liberal government has adopted 72 secret orders-in-council since it came to power in November 2015, including 40 just in the past 2½ years.

These orders are secret in the strictest sense of the term. Nothing is publicly known about their contents, stipulations or purpose.

Parliament is not informed of their adoption, let alone their details. Nor are the government’s secret orders-in-council (OICs) subject to any retrospective scrutiny by parliament or any public body.


I don't know where to start anymore. The world is so fucked up in so many ways it makes my head spin trying to decide what to cover anymore. Obviously, Canada is closing in on the level of social indoctrination as we have in the US. I wonder if they will remain silent to the type of austerity measures coming their way as we've been under since 2001 as the newest perpetual warring began. It doesn't seem like they've recognized how private healthcare is beginning to take over there yet though. Or how they're funding and supporting Ukrainian fascism along with the rest of the western governments. I might as well just welcome them to the US as it's infiltrating their government also. No border needed when you're as compliant to the system as we are. Your medias working for the system rather than you. Still serving a Queen?

{Like other orders-in-council, those that are secret require the approval of only four cabinet ministers and the signature of the Governor-General, the Queen’s representative, to have the effect of law—meaning that a tiny cabal of ministers could issue executive orders with the most far-reaching consequences without any oversight or review.}

I highly doubt the secrecy is at such a low level either. I think it's fairly safe to say it's the same going projected delusional reality we have here in the US where it's a matter of collaboration among virtually all representatives. Europe also. At least the citizenship in Europe isn't anywhere near as indoctrinated as over here. They actually get out and speak against the system there. That's not broadcast here for us. It might cause us to actually recognize the reality and stand up also. As I've stated before. All matters go through the Little City of London. Their crooked financial center in Hong Hong still has 25 years to go before it can potentially reach its "freedom". How long does Canada have left to serve?

{The government’s increasing resort to rule by secret executive decrees attests to the advanced state of decomposition of bourgeois democracy in Canada, which is part of a global phenomenon.}


I'm sure many scoff at my conjecture of both parties being collaborate behind a curtain fighting not for us, but against us. History dictates and suggest I'm right. But we're propagandized to forget history, becoming indoctrinated into a manufactured delusional reality. 2016 should have been a clear suggestive notion towards this "conspiracy theory", but it's been happening for decades under carefully weaved false narratives of deception. I have occasionally mentioned that if you look up the definitions of what a republic and democracy are, there's no possible way to find a genuine example of that in our representation from the beginning of this country up and to today. It's a god dam fallacy. Republicans are conservative in regards to what and who? Quite argumentative! Democrats/democracy, serves who, what? Quite argumentative! I made them often here.

{The ruling class of the United States has enjoyed widespread popular belief in a myth for almost our entire history, the myth that we live in a democratic republic. Under the rule of law, competition between different opinions and interests results in “the intellectual and industrial progress of the people.”1}


{A recent New York Times article confirmed that Canadian Special Forces have been active on the ground in Ukraine since the beginning of the war alongside their US, British, and Lithuanian counterparts, a decision that has been concealed from the population and likely was initiated by a secret OIC.}

I wonder how it will sit with families as truth is finally recognized that their loved one's in Ukraine have the potential of being killed, or have been killed, for helping to support fascism and their genocide campaign in the Donbass regions merely for being Russian cultured and speaking citizens with hopes to manufacture a larger war with Russia? Iraqed again. A report out yesterday of Russia hitting a major Ukrainian command center made up of top level personal.

Here's a secret for you. Despite how our medias narratives are going in regards to that war, Ukraine is getting their asses kicked, badly. They're losing anywhere from 100 to 300+ men and women and losing ground each day. The real thing the newest weapons are doing is prolonging the war from a distance and killing more civilians. The reports of Russia targeting civilians are false narratives. As have been the going tactic for 8 years in Ukraine, they target civilians and infrastructure as they retreat. Anyone who actually knows the formation of troops in the area would know this as local defending separatist wouldn't attack their own citizenship. It's a deceptive narrative in regards to concern for citizens as though they are Ukrainian. Those in the Donbass regions are not considered by Ukraine as their citizens. You can add any known genocidal stereotype label to these people as to how they feel about them. There's a long list of video proof of citizen testimony to this fact. Citizens in the west are virtually free from any harm unless they're near a place weapons are being received from the west. And often failed responses to incoming Russian missiles targeting those are the cause of citizen casualties.

William_Mary 8 July 2
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