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Why the Republicans' New "Red Scare" Tactics Ring False


The publics idea of socialism has shifted because the internet has given people the means to learn the different types of socialism. And the false narratives of the past. Unfortunately, some people haven't learned to think for themselves using it and are still trapped in partisan speak.

William_Mary 8 Mar 4
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I laugh at how both sides use this "red scare" tactic. They've been doing it for decades. It only subsided when the new Muslim boogeyman was put front and center after GHWB (late 80s - early 90s), Clinton (mid 90s - late 90s), GWB (early 2000s), and 9/11. Now that we have taken over most of the Middle East militarily or influence wise and foray into Central Asia, it's the Russians again. People need to see this as what it is, propaganda for the benefit of imperialism and resource wars.


Bernie makes a good point....



Indeed the false "red scare" goes back into Eisenhower days and is put on Bernie and AOC wrongly. The move now is to convince everyone (or as many as possible) that there is no chance for us unless we re-elect Trump. I'm going on 73 and I've never seen, heard, or read more political lies in my life. Democratic Socialism is nothing at all like we are being told. In fact, social security falls right into that along with universal healthcare. We are always told to "follow the money." This is good advice when investigating something. The new "red scare" is coming about because people other than the common man want to keep that money. This is why we are lied to.
Partisan speak is always what it is about to many people. This is a diversion they will cause because your party loyalty is known. I don't belong to either party by design. Recently Trump and his supporters want you to believe that Democrats support efforts to murder aborted babies. The idea here seems to be delivering a full term baby and then deciding to kill it. Nothing even close to this is happening or in the realm of happening. It's Trump and his "partisan speak" to cause you to switch to his GOP. Wrong, and nothing but lies, this is now used just like the false red scare.

DenoPenno Level 8 Mar 4, 2019

You point out how the "red scare" started with Ike (and his change to "under god" in the pledge and on money" ). and how it's "wrongly put on Bernie and A.O.C."

Then You say "The move now is to convince everyone (or as many as possible) that there is no chance for us unless we re-elect Trump." .??? Huh? I don't see that move...

You recognize (unlike most Trumpsters) that Social security and Universal health care are good...

You say that the red scare is caused by people other than the common man (i.e. our wealthy) who want to keep their money...again, anti-Trump/pro democrats...

Then you ramble on about the falsehood ("Nothing even close to this is happening" ) of Democrats supporting efforts to murder aborted babies...another anti Trump position...

These are all sounding anti-Trump...pro Bernie/democrats, to me.

Do you not see your own confusion?

Why would you suggest we re-elect Trump? I'm confused. Please clarify?

@Robecology I see a lot of confusion in your reply and trying to clarify my words to you now would come out as a long debate and bounce around into many subjects. This is called diversion. I see plenty of it daily. Yes, I am anti-Trump. I would never vote for Trump. I belong to neither party but do not see the current GOP and it's dickhead as being anything that is desirable.

@DenoPenno Thanks for clearing that up.

@DenoPenno Deno, good to see you. I was just thinking about you today. I thought I was going to have to send you a message to see if you were still kicking it.