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Empires Start by Moving Outward…and Finish by Moving Inward


{As the collapse of capitalism and the U.S. empire continues, it will become increasingly apparent that Gaza may be functioning as an experimenting ground for the more extreme measures that the global oligarchs will likely use to maintain their control over the system.}

{While we fight against this global corporate military machine, it’s crucial for us to understand that the people at the top of the system are going to increasingly see us as disposable. Capitalism has always been a system that treats large numbers of the population like expendable resources, and this is how it will treat more and more people throughout the coming decades.}

At some time we will reach a point to where we have to finally admit to the agenda being played out, whether it is worth our own sacrifice in collaboration for the few working class that can manage to sustain a meaningful life, or begin a unification in resistance. My eyes stay locked towards Europe being they have more awareness to this agenda and routinely protest against it. Where here in the US a majority blissfully seem ignorant to it, compromising their own future generations existence within their continued participation of a system working against us.

While listening to A1 the other day, the host made a comment about OWS (occupy wall street). He fabricated a statement that went something like ----- occupy wall street was allowed to play out and die. If anyone knows the truth behind the OWS movement, you know dam well that is a statement of post OWS conditioning of falsehood! OWS was infiltrated by police and intelligence agencies in which violence and destruction was incorporated by them into the movement. Leaders had false accusations made towards them and arrested. Many of the peaceful protesters were also arrested, denied their free speech rights while following permitted routes. While instigators of violence from counter protesters were not arrested. Which were later found to include local police. Across the nation OWS protest on collages and other places where legal set downs and silent gatherings took place, they were systematically tear gassed and pepper spread. That is hardly being allowed to play out and die. That was a death sentence served out by the ruling class. Slaves serving their masters against a lower class of slaves. Yes, even as slaves we are still divided by class warfare.

William_Mary 8 Aug 18
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I even wonder if the billionaires just let the climate crisis get worse on purpose. I wonder if in the next decades, they will let billions of poor humans die worldwide and only let live a handful of tyrants and their close guard.


Case in point - our news media. Millionaires on screen being paid by billionaires to lie to us.

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