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Canada’s new Food Guide has been released. What do you think?

There is a second page to this guide giving suggestions on how to make better and healthier eating choices including cooking more and reading food labels.

graceylou 8 Jan 22
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The US should follow suit. I think it is an amazing turnaround. So many documentaries showing the benefits of a plant based diet-plus the detrimental effect on the environment caused by the animal food industry is undeniable.

Melind Level 6 Jan 23, 2019

Only makes too much sense doesn’t it?


I think it’s a shame that we live so close to a sensible country yet we can’t be one.

We’ve had pretty much the same food guide for 75 years. The very first food guide was created to guide people’s food choices during the war years when some things were scarce. The guides since then mostly focused on promoting the agricultural industries. Finally we have a food guide that focuses on health.


I think this looks about perfect!

It’s not close enough to perfect for me but it’s a step in the right direction.


FDA could learn something from this.

EricJones Level 8 Jan 22, 2019

Interesting and different from our own. I suspect Canadians don't have to deal with as many lobbyists as we.

JackPedigo Level 9 Jan 22, 2019

You’ve got to be kidding. The meat and dairy industries have massive influence in this country and they have been launching serious attacks. But since the government takes care of our health care through taxpayer money, promoting better health in the population is beneficial.

@graceylou I did note there was very little meat.

@JackPedigo The original revised guide that was put out to test out public opinion had meat and dairy in a tiny side section at a corner and said those are only to be consumed in minimal amounts. The finalized guide ended up with meat and dairy in the main protein section (though still very minimal) because the meat and dairy industries were outraged.


That's pretty much my diet ?

Mine too. Except totally no meat, dairy, or eggs on my plate.

@graceylou well.. I do eat eggs, meat, and dairy but in small amounts...

@Cutiebeauty I’m vegan for the animals and the environment so no animal products on my plate.

@graceylou I understand...

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