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Aaron Persky - the moronic judge who felt it fitting to hand Brock Turner a six-month prison sentence after Turner raped a female student at Stanford University - has been removed from office. []

With a bit of luck, this will entirely destroy his life.

Jnei 8 June 6

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Well that's good news. Thanks California


We can only hope. I wish he'd go to prison and find out what rape is really like.

What you are proposing is really disturbing.

@dare2dream I know. The dark side is hard to control sometimes.

@HippieChick58 : LOL! Good one. 🙂


Finally! But the sexual predator Turner is still out there, and if patterns are consistent in his case, he will offend again. And how many others are out there, loose and looking for victims. Now somebody should go through the cases the judge adjudicated, and the AG should appeal those cases which are obviously unjust and subject to appeal. The victims also need justice.




I know but the other kid a black teenager was given 5 years for stealing some shoes.. he hasn't been let out who now how poor he was either. There are people int he uS now who have nothing. the UN is saying we are becoming a third world country. if they pull social security we will be


"Entirely destroy his life"?

Well, there is punitive justice and there is restorative justice.

Tell that to the victim.

Nah man. I'm pretty ok with destroying traitors, nazis and rape apologists.

@Blindbird Perfectly put 🙂

Certainly i believe that Restorative Justice has had positive results; nevertheless, most experts believe that it is only appropriate in certain cases. I know that to be true also.


@josephr : Thanks for the link. Interesting.

Is it safe for me to assume you all are for the death penalty? Just wondering.

For the victim yes. The perpetrator? Few are redemptive rapists or molesters. It is a mental disorder which is rooted in an irresisiable compulsion. It can't be fixed.

@dare2dream Not me, but you probably hunched that. LOL

@Jnei : A restorative justice does not ignore the victim but also restores the victim as much as possible. In contrast, state sponsored REVENGE on the criminal does nothing to restore the victim.

@Jnei, @Countrywoman : So, if the perpetrator is mentally disordered and incorrigible, what is the good of punishment?

@dare2dream I do not advocate for punishment. I advocate for segregation from society until such time as science & research advance enough that a successful treatment is applicable. Incarseation is punishment enough. The goal is a safer society, treatment for the victim, & removal of the perpetrator from said society. Study of the brain belonging to the criminal is a must. We need to do more in understanding & the prevention of these miscreants.

@Countrywoman : Yes, I agree with you. Our primary concern is safety of the public by getting criminals off the streets.

@Countrywoman :
From the American Psychological association:
Research suggests psychological treatment helps reduce recidivism among convicted sex offenders.
"Not all of them (sex offenders) are at high-risk for re-offending," says psychologist Moss Aubrey, PhD.


@dare2dream Interesting. Prisons are not a good place for rehabilitation. Reform seems to be a long way off.


Great outcome.




thanks for posting this!


Hopefully this is a sign that the change sweeping politics and hollywood in terms of excising the bad influence of some men is bleeding over into the justice halls as well such that we'll have zero tolerance in the future for white privilege and male privilege being a factor in how punishment is doled out.


How long would he have been left to rot if he was
"Not White"..very disturbing lenient sentence.


We can hope.


Yeah for our side.


We can only hope..


Good job, California voters.


Good. I hope things go badly for him too. Bastard.

It would be quite satisfying, I feel, if he now started drinking heavily and someone took advantage of his intoxicated state to rob him. I wonder if he'd argue that it was partly his own fault on account of being drunk?

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