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I'm so happy that the 1st lady is feeling better. Now she can go back to doing nothing

Boogey 8 June 6

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Yeah, I'm not really a fan. I don't care where she is or what she does. As far as I'm concerned, she is as complicit as everyone else in that criminal, corrupt family.


Fuck her. She's just another gold digger.


Kim Kardashian isn't busy? How about Stormy Daniels?

@Boogey I think that's what they call 'protecting your brand'. 😉


I feel sorry for Melania. She thought she was "moving up" by marrying a rich guy. I imagine her life with Trump is very disappointing.

Of course ....I have great empathy for the suffering. @Boogey

That is a very wise saying. @mudhen


"I missed you, darling."



Hey, that's a terrible thing to say. I'll have you know that she's the best first lady that money can buy.


Probably had to recover from plastic surgery.

@Boogey She was ripped off. She looked better before!

@Boogey When you have great DNA and look like that, no need to work. Always a handy rich, old, ugly, sugar daddy around. Eeew.


Doing nothing is preferable to what her husband is doing.


I start to feel sorry for her sometimes. Especially when you can practically see her skin try to disengage & flee her frame as President Dunning-Kruger tries to touch her. Then I remember why she married him (C.R.E.A.M!) & I guess thats the price she pays.


That was cold-blooded and uncalled-for ... just kidding 🙂

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