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I'm so angry. I just watched a man die because he couldn't afford his medicine for his treatable illness. In America.

That is just so fucked up. And the worst part is he isn't the first person I've watched die of something treatable and he won't be the last.

I HATE that. I fucking hate to the point of violent rage that people ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN. I'm so...fuck!!! Arggggh!!

This job, man. When it's so rewarding but how can I save lives when people can't afford to have their lives saved? What honor is in that?

LadyAlyxandrea 8 June 6

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The priorities are wrong in this country. We absolutely must begin to fix this in November's election.

agree and I'd be engaged for all eternity...and en masse, not just with the vote but in discussion and engagement with one another, educating ourselves on how our government works, locally and nationally and know our rights that are at the heart of our constitution.


I'm seriously thinking of moving out if the US. I have some friends who already have. It's become a pathetic dangerous place to live. Sad !

I wish beyond belief to afford immigrating. I cannot bear to watch what is happening here

@2muchstupidity I know of at least one place where you’d be welcomed with open arms ?.

Me too honey!!! ?

@LadyAlyxandrea same here. I wish I could get my kids and myself out.


I hear you and share your outrage. That poor man. Hugs.


The so called American ‘health care system’ is an appalling joke. The ‘comedians’ are the doctors and hospitals, the insurance companies, the drug companies, and the equipment/materiel suppliers. The stooges are the American people, many if not most of whom are appalled by even the mention of universal health care. A health care denial system is a more accurate description.

The supporters and defenders of this state of affairs quite happily spend thousands of dollars a year, sometimes a month, on restricted health insurance, and are complacent about those who can’t get or afford this grossly inflated insurance. The fact that a comprehensive universal system would save them huge amounts of money AND provide better care is ignored and deplored on the spurious grounds of ‘freedom’. The fact that such systems work admirably in EVERY other developed nation, and some undeveloped ones, is overlooked and subjected to constant criticism based on spinning reports of one-off negative incidents, ignorance, and deliberately promoted falsehoods and misinformation. The fact that the system they seek to sustain is one entire negative incident is overlooked.

The current degradation of the performance of the British NHS and its privatisation by stealth is the result of deliberate (Conservative government) policy, and is not a result of some basic flaw in universal provision systems - the changes and the negative consequences of them are deiberate and are ideologically driven.

Universal systems can be state or privately operated, funded, and provided. A few, like our NHS are completely public, state provisions. France and Switzerland (the world’s capitalist and individual freedom all comers champion) operate theirs on a combination of private insurance, public funding, complete universality, and tight state regulation of costs, standards, and suppliers. These two are considered the best run and most efficient, and overall best value for money, but the gap between them and the rest is very small. And they all cost the public in extra taxation and/or insurance costs a tiny fraction of the amount so many Americans are willing to pay, because ‘freedom’!

From personal experience, friends’ and relatives’ experience, and reports, it is well known that the American system is rife with fraud, profiteering, and corruption at every level, with massive collusion between all of the providers to maximise return and profit. In any other country, these people would be in jail, and their companies shut down. One simple, very basic example; the NHS sources much of its saline drip pack requirements from the US. The NHS pays the suppliers between 50 cents and $1 per pack. The average American gets charged between $160 and $200 per pack for the same stuff from the same suppliers!

Like the gun infatuation, this state of affairs is baffling to outsiders. It is turkeys voting for Christmas.


It's not your fault. It is awful. Progressives need to vote and support their candidates with time or money.


The USA has lost its heart...

I would say it's lost its mind.


The Establishment values the dollar more than human dignity, and life.


So I'm coming back to this post because I think the issue is far bigger than just one man or even one town or state. There seems to be a quiet war of attrition going on in the US . Poor people are being denied benefits or having them delayed so far out that we're dying in large numbers before help arrives. I think we need to draw attention to this phenomenon. Anyone have suggestions on who to contact? I'm more than happy to write letters or make phone calls. I think many people feel that they've simply fallen on hard times and that's why they're struggling but the frequency with which I'm hearing stories like this makes me think its a nationwide issue.

I agree..

But who will listen? It is a matter of life and death for some people though, so perhaps trying is better than not trying.

I'll just throw out names..

Russia Today.
Democracy Now.
The United Nations.

And journalists:

Michael Moore (why is he so quiet?).
Ken Loach (film director)
John Pilger.
George Galloway.

As for myself. I keep battling for the UK. 120,000 have died because of Conservative austerity policies. (mostly the sick and disabled.) That's more than any terrorists have killed.

I try to do something. I contact the media to bring attention to issues. But the Guardian doesn't care about the working class. I soon found that out.

Senators and congress, and more importantly media. The media are who put pressure on them, though the parkland kids fight are making me feel that nothing short of bribery will fix the politicians


This concept is so foreign to countries like Canada, Australia, Japan and the EU (probably others). It's sad to hear about it. It's futile for me to try to be encouraging.


This is capitalism. This is the system we are all taught to love and admire. If we question it, we're labelled commies or lefties.

F*** capitalism.


(((Alyx))) It's so wrong!


Major frustration. You can understand it happening in a 3rd world country.
Hang in there, remember some of the wins, remember you are doing all you can and the world is a better place because of your efforts.

It doesn't feel like it. Many days I wonder if I actually helped anyone. Yes they're alive TODAY but if they can't afford treatment they might not be tomorrow. Maybe I just prolonged their life AND added an unpayable bill

@LadyAlyxandrea Life is an amazing gift, if you have prolonged life that is also an amazing gift. I helped a lady a few years ago, our goal was to keep her alive until her youngest had at least finished school. Odds were against us and it was so close, she almost didn't make it a number of times. During that time, things changed, including in her own body and she became eligible for a transplant. I took her son and his girlfriend to dinner for his 21st last month. He had just qualified as a Toyota Technician. And his mum was there to have dinner with him, getting up to 4 years post transplant. So prolonging can be good as well.It may not feel like it, but you are making a positive difference. We are all fighting the system these days it seems, we want to fixed things, but the powers that be do not care.
This seems to have your name on it.

@Rugglesby thank you for that story. It was really very touching. I may write that person soon. I'm glad someone understands the burden of being a caregiver.

I take each loss very hard, but I do need to remember the wins, too. Thank you


I blame Brewer the Executioner, former Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona. She just started crossing things off her state's approved medicaid treatment list and people started dying. If any of you remember anti-obamacare arguments about "death panels," please note that Brewer and her demonic crew, Republicans, had the only death panel.


That’s terrible. I feel so lucky to have supportive family. My insulin went from $90 to $300 in January. On my own I could never afford it.

I'm truly jealous you have such a are all Trump supporting 'so called' Christians I have decided to never speak to again, due to their hypocrisy, piousness and judgmental bullshit...I just couldn't take it any more....tho I am SURE I am referred to as the 'problem one' of the be it. If THEY approved of me, I would KNOW I was doing EVERYTHING WRONG...😉

@Karcreat it’s my dad and my two kids. The rest of them are Trump supporting so-called xtians, just like yours. I have no use for them...I’m the rainbow sheep. They mostly leave me alone.

@Karcreat, @KissedbySun Insurance companies suck. Taking in the profits while Americans choose between meds and food.


Sorry for your loss. I've seen people go bankrupt because of medical bills. I've also seen people die because they couldn't afford treatment. You can judge a country by how it treats their sick. I'd guess this is a hard time for you, so I won't elaborate.

Take Care~ Mike

I actually filed medical bankruptcy this morning.

@LadyAlyxandrea I'm sorry. If you want to talk I'm here.

@TheGreatShadow I appreciate it, Mike. It's just been a really rough....century

@LadyAlyxandrea ((((Big Hugs)))) That's tough. Admitting disability.


So who do you want to blame pharmaceutical the Congress the health care industry or maybe insurance companies any combination of all of them are responsible for greed.

I blame the people! Voters who vote to keep these greedy fat cats in power who only serve themselves and their investors. I blame every single person who complains about universal healthcare because GOD DAMN IT an extra 6 dollars a month in taxes is WORTH SAVING SOMEONE'S LIFE

@LadyAlyxandrea well said

@LadyAlyxandrea Voters are hoodwinked into believing that the people in charge are going to look out for everyone's best interest and all that really happens is the elected officials look out for their own best interest. The only anyway things will change is if the system changes.


Oh, sweetie, I can only begin to imagine how awful this must be. Hugs
I help several people here when they have difficulty paying for drugs or medical supplies. At least it's not hideously expensive for me.

The worst part is I'm right there with them. I work in a hospital and can't afford my own treatments. I'm just lucky my treatments aren't necessary to SURVIVE (just live without wanting to die from horrific pain and the inability to move)

@LadyAlyxandrea That's an awful way to live. BTW, what do they do for EDS?

@pixiedust treat the symptoms, braces and pain therapy and physical therapy.


We have to keep trying to change things for the better. I understand your anger, I have it too, But I just keep fighting and trying. Hang in there and do the best you can. I'm really glad that you care.


And until we get some good legislation or limit CEO salaries and stop lobbiests from buying representatives its gonna get worse

We need to fight harder and louder


I don't think most people just sit around and decide to allow that to happen lmao, most of us don't really have anything we can do about it just like you

But you do. You have more power than you know.

if it was that easy i think you would have been able to do something instead of just watching that guy die

@Sarcasm sitting around and letting people die is exactly what they do in those boardrooms. they know that if they up those prices some people aren't going to be able to afford it and that's just too bad they figure. because the money has to be made.

@hankster yeah thats why i said 'most people'. I don't think 'most people' are pharma board members or CEOs.

@Sarcasm true. I should slow down a bit. but it is happening.


Come to Africa and see the worst of the worst !

Just because there is worse doesn't mean you shouldn't strive to be better

This is America. Why should you settle for "hey we aren't a 3rd world country!" That's like saying "I'd rather serve under stalin than hitler" or "I'd rather die in a fire than jump from a building"

@VAL3941 I didn't help install it though, and I most certainly am doing more than 'whining'. Ugh no I'm not going to get sucked into this stupid shit with you

OK ! Your choice !


Dont hert youself and try to find somewere consructive to put your anger

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