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Is there anyone here who isn't "into weed?"

tucsonkosmicgirl 5 June 6

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I never really got into it. I was brought up in a culture of alcohol. My two sons both prefer weed.


I'm not into weed.


Meh — never touch it. Just not my thing; but I think it should be legal.


I don't have a problem with marijuana, especially when used for medical reasons, but those who add it to their profile? Not interested.


I don't care for any substance that has an effect on my cognitive abilities.


Also me - I haven't consumed it any shape or form for 15 years. Fair play to anyone who does, however, and I remain a supporter of full legalisation.

Jnei Level 8 June 7, 2018

@Shelton same With me. I smoked plenty between the ages of 12 and 17 or 18. Once or twice in my 20s. None since. I also hope for legalization and I don’t judge those who use it recreationally or medicinally.


I don't partake, but I also don't really care if other people do. Just not my thing


I don't use any drugs.


No interest


I'm not.


I went to college. Quit smoking marijuana in January 1976. It caused me to lose my sense of direction and confidence, and doubt my communication skills. Never missed it..

I had recently been hired as a YMCA Program Director and started graduate school at the University of Washington. I needed clear eyes and clear mind.


me, me, me.
I don't do a judgment thing on it, if people choose to smoke it, that's their bag.
Holds no interest for me whatsoever.
Have never ever tried it,
then again, never smoked tobacco either.

Cannabis oil cures cancer, not smoking. Also there are "edibles," so there's no reason to smoke it.

@birdingnut yep, and it is a fantastic fibre, I wear it, when I was a kid it was in eye drops.I lived in Australas weed capital, just not into it myself. I would have no hesitation in using it medicinally if I needed it.


Yes, I'm not, it smells bad, you can have my share.

Yeah! It has a sickly, sweet smell that I can't stand. Yuk😟


I'm not, at all. The stuff gives me the pukes, so, no thanks. I also find that when people around me get high, they also get very boring. I don't care if others want to do it, I'd just rather be active and alert.

Zster Level 8 June 7, 2018

I'm not. I hate smoking too.


Me. I don't judge tho. The edibles are a fantastic muscle relaxer but whatever was in the mix or whatever maybe it was the pot made my throat itch.


Me. Not at all interested.


Donald Trump's the president. I don't know how people don't smoke weed.

Wrong forum. Find one on politics.


I smoked it a lot in the 70s but not since then. Mostly I didn't smoke when i was employed because any random accident report prompted a drug test, and I never wanted to tempt the fates. Now that I'm retired, I've often wondered if it would bring relief to chronic illness. I don't partake now because I don't smoke and because I don't want it badly enough to pay for it or seek it out. Recreational pot is still illegal in my state. I have nothing against weed, itself, and can take it or leave it.

Deb57 Level 8 June 7, 2018

Had 1 puff on a joint 40 years ago.
Don’t like drugs

jab60 Level 6 June 7, 2018

I'm not


I am sure there is plenty here that are not into weed


I'm not, no vices at all, boring as all get out!


I quit smoking cigarettes many years ago. I smoke pot every once and a while but I am a light weight. A lot of my friends smoke and that's OK with me. I am for legalizing marijuana and for medical research.


Why would someone not be into it?

It cures almost anything and keeps people off dangerous, toxic drugs. Hemp can make biodegradable plastic, inexpensive, fireproof, moldproof hempcrete can build houses and save trees,

It makes natural clothing, paper, etc., you can harvest three crops a year, and it doesn't need pesticides.

Magic mushrooms and ayahuasca are also useful to reset the minds of people with ptsd or depression.

Landmark Study Shows Half of Cancer Patients are Killed by Chemo — NOT Cancer []

BBC News - Growing evidence that cannabis oil can cure serious diseases like cancer []

BBC News - Magic mushrooms can 'reset' depressed brain []

i like how you think!

Sorry but cannibis oil did not save my husband. It did help him relax and keep his appetite steady however. With that yes there's gotta be something better than chemo out there.

@Qualia It has to be very high THC and taking up to a gram a day. Smoking it does nothing.

There are myriad problems with this 'landmark' study from a methodological perspective. Their criteria are are so badly flawed as to invalidate the entire thing. They decided that if a patient died within 30 days of starting chemo it must be the chemo that killed them. Um, no, these were cancer patients. It certainly has to be considered that they were simply too advanced to benefit. Also there really isn't a single disease called cancer. Each type of cancer is sufficiently different to require different treatment -- some are much easier to treat, even at late stages. So there are multiple chemo protocols. This description doesn't indicate whether that was taken into consideration. If one of my students had turned in this design for a grade, they would have failed the assignment.
Now, that said, of course chemo kills some people and certainly has terrible side effects associated with some of the protocols. Research that many physicians would not go through chemo in many cases if they had cancer because the treatment may buy a little time, but the time is so thoroughly miserable that it's not worth it.
Chemo can be a very important part of cancer treatment. It's simply one effective choice in an arsenal of treatments for particular variants of cancer.

@birdingnut He didn't smoke it. He used the oil. He also had ALK mutation adenocarcinoma, which is particularly vicious, also by the time they found it he was stage 4. 😟😟😟

@Qualia I'm sorry that happened.

According to what I've read online, people who have had radiation or chemo can't be helped by cannabis because the chemo treatments deliberately destroy the body's immune system. But many people with only one or two weeks to live have come back to health with cannabis oil, so I don't know what all is involved.

People are supposed take to a gram of oil a day to cure cancer, but I've only been able to procure about a gram every few months, yet I've still been slowly improving. Dunno.


I'm not into it at all..... it's been decades.

This is for me a completely different question than whether I think it's ok for people to smoke it. Smoke away. I think it has been scandalous and evil what has been done in the name of anti-marijuana laws. However, as to my own preferences, I don't partake.

kmaz Level 7 Aug 6, 2018
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