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I just read an article about the recent school shooting in Texas in a magazine called The Week. It mentioned that the Lt. Governor said these attacks are caused by violent video games, legalized abortions & absence of religion in public schools. I know this is a touchy subject, by I am curious what others in this community think about his comment. Personally, I can't help but wonder where violent video games, abortions were during the Crusades, or how those things influenced killers like Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson,etc.

Ray13 8 June 7

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My bullshit detector is off the scale.


What I think is that it shows the man to be an immature, mentally inept, peddler of inanities. That a person in office can stand and up and blather out such facile, bovine-witted, half-baked bollocks is pretty alarming. Shouldn't the people tasked with leading others actually possess some degree of wisdom and intellectual courage?

God, I've got a grump on today. ?

Thanks for commenting. I don't consider you grumpy, just a little fed up with all the idiots in politics these days, like most of us are.

What he said


The same violent video games are sold and played in other countries too... same thing with legalized abortion and absence of religion in schools... yet they don't have the same shooting issues we have here. What's different here is the easy availability of guns that make it really easy to kill and injure a lot of people in a very short time.

A coworker of mine is strongly against any gun control. He said the assault weapon used in the Florida Parkland shooting is what he uses for deer hunting. He must be a terrible shot if he needs such a gun for hunting.

Bingo. You got that right.

I don’t think violence in video games is responsible for gun violence in the US. Regarding your comment, some countries like Australia and Germany ban games or content due to violence so the level of violence experienced by gamers isn’t the same for a game depending on where you are playing it


@Ray13 l think anyone shooting defenseless animals is a BIG PUSSY anyway.

@Ray13 either he is disengenuos or he’s lying but a fully auto is not a hunting rifle. I’ve lived in Cali, Maine, Az, Ny and generally rifles that have no 100 round clips which the military might use in in-laws where responsible hunters who always had tags and the traditional gun. By the way I couldn’t wouldn’t hunt as I love animals

@Ringo6 What the fuck are you talking about? I have deer eating 5 feet from my front door! I stand by my statement, cowardly pussies.

@Condor5 Additionally, the deer would be blown to smithereens; nothing left to use, not the meat, hide, nada. Guess he just likes to kill things.

Liked your comment very much. He probably is lying. He likes to brag a lot. I too love animals & put bread,nuts,etc. out for birds & squirrels in my back yard every morning.

@Ray13 tell him Winchester and Remington make perfectly good limited capacity hunting rifles that only require that the shooter be a decent marksman, as high-powered scopes make kill shots nearly unmissable. Some versions of those rifles have even been used by military snipers. Nobody needs a goddamn AR for hunting.

@Ray13 The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. There is no "right" to own a gun suitable for sporting purposes.


First, the WEEK is an awesome magazine. I've gotten it almost since its inception. Second, the Lt Governor of Texas is a douchebag. When I was a child (60 years ago) we played cops and robbers as well as cowboys and indians. No one went around shooting off guns, arrows, or anything else. We need to focus on good, quality mental health care in order to get to the bottom of this terrible crisis ... and it is a crisis.

Couldn’t have put better


So gun availability has nothing to do with school shootings. Phew, that’s a relief.

Thanks for your comment. A fellow where I work is against gun control & said the assault weapon used in the Florida Parkland shooting is what he uses for deer hunting. would anyone need such a weapon to hunt, unless he's a terrible shot.

@Ray13 no l don’t hunt but I do have several guns after my family was threatened by a violent women beating felon but I digress... most hunters play by all the rules and you don’t need an AK or AR15 to hunt a rifle is more then sufficient


Our Lt Gov is an idiot, and that is probably giving him too much credit. All of these things exist in other modern countries. The difference is they have common sense gun laws.

I agree 100%. Everyone wants to blame anything they can lay their hands on, while ignoring the elephant in the room.


I watched Dan Patrick make those asinine comments the Sunday morning after the shooting in Texas.
He's a fucking douchbag, just like Abbott.
The religutards in this country are running amok. Further solidifies my belief that
religious faith is a mental illness. It is rooted in delusion.
We've really got to start turning the tables on these assholes and make it untenable for the religutards to get elected to public office.

Well we can start by altering the ITS codes and the status of churches to no longer be exempt from paying their fair share specially when so many religious groups are directly involved in politics which cause the stripping away the exemptions


That sounds like cheap opportunism from the governor.


You forgot the gays don't forget the gays !!!!

They were busy causing earthquakes in Iran I seem to remember.

My older sister is a darks skined(Semitic), Jew, obviously a woman and a lesbian, married for years... might you imagine how excluded from much of society should is


All of those things (violent video games, lack of religion in schools, access to abortions) exist in plenty of other countries such as Canada, Australia, and most of western Europe. Those countries consume as much American media as we can churn out, from movies to books to TV shows.

The Lt. Guv is talking out of his ass if he actually thinks that video games are the reason why we have so much gun violence in schools. We have so much gun violence because we have so many guns and very little actual control over who has access to those guns.

Or, are we just a violent society? There are no guns in the hands of prison inmates yet prison populations are some of the most violent societies in the world.

@dahermit If they're in prison then they were most likely prone to violence before they got there. A country's prison population isn't necessarily a representative sample of the society at large.

@dahermit amerika is a violent society with a violent bloody legacy...rooster come home to roost,

@NotReallyKirby The point is that removing weapons from a violent society does not necessarily stop the violence.

@dahermit We will never be able to stop all violence. That's impossible. But that doesn't mean we just sit back and keep sending up "thoughts and prayers" while people are getting mass murdered on a bi-monthly basis. And no one said removing all weapons, so I'm not even sure where that is coming from.

@NotReallyKirby If you have a solution to school shootings, I am all ears.

@dahermit There are no easy solutions. But I do know that thoughts and prayers and blaming video games and other forms of entertainment are red herrings. As long as politicians focus on that shit, we will keep having mass shootings be a monthly occurrence with no end in sight.

Honestly, it will probably take some action along the lines of what Australia did back in the mid 90s when they had one of their last mass shootings. Personally, I think that guns should be pretty difficult to obtain and that anyone who wants to own a gun should take mandatory safety and training classes every year, otherwise they lose their right to own a gun.

@dahermit , a couple years ago a serial killer was apprehended in my town. He has admitted to murdering at least 5 women, all by strangulation. As a side note, he frequented the Salvation Army where I understand he met 2 of his victims.

@Ray13 Do you think that mass shooters would not have perpetrated the shooting acts if they had taken mandatory safety and training classes once per year? As I remember the Colobine shooters were underage, not allowed to have guns in the first place, the Sandy Hook shooter was underage and used his mother's guns. You seem to have fallen for the enticing rhetoric of the anti-gun crowd that utter inane statements like: "We need some common sense gun laws." without actually having a clear definition of what those laws would be.

@NotReallyKirby The US has approximately 315 Million guns in you think it would be as easy to get Americans to turn in that many guns were was Austraila with its pittance number by comparison? Does Austraila have a "right to keep and bear arms" in its constitution?

@dahermit I haven't "fallen for" anything. I live in a country where gun violence is epidemic and unlike the extreme pro-gun crowd on the right I'd rather see something done about it. And as far as being inane goes, nothing is more inane that sending up thoughts and prayers to god that doesn't exist and pretending like that is an actual solution.

It is not. And we know this for a fact because we have been sending up "thoughts and prayers" for years and nothing changes.

Gun safety classes will teach and remind gun owners that their guns are NOT toys and shouldn't be left laying around unsecured where a child or an unstable/violent relative can get to them. Liability insurance (if done correctly) reinforces that by giving gun owners a monetary incentive to take better care to secure their weapons.

And I mentioned Australia just for that reason: they saw a problem and instead of pretending that nothing could be done, they actually did something. Yes, America has a lot of guns. And I never said it would be easy. One of my earlier posts literally said that there were no easy solutions. Did you not read that?

If you're going to bother to comment on my posts then do us both a favor and make your points honestly without putting words in my mouth. Being condescending just means that even if you have an actual point to make, it won't be taken seriously.

@dahermit I don’t know if you can make that conclusion from a relatively small population in a confined environment which is a temple to isolation and high risk psychopaths. But we seem to have serious issues with gun violence were we have been averaging an astronomical 8-10 thousand gun related deaths a tear over the las decade

@Millerski25 This may give you a different perspective: []


Yeah, total BS with no evidence to back it up. There are violent video games and not much Christianity in Japan yet they do not have mass shootings.


It is a complete BS claim that let's him think he is getting away with doing nothing.


Heres a thought, maybe the deaths were caused by cordite exploding in a shell case inside a gun barrel. Causing a projectile to fly though the air, then ripping though flesh?


Of course the Sited all the study’s that support his reckless, moronic conclusions

Fox News?


Obsession with violent video games might well be a precursor to mass murder, but I’m not sure if anything can be done about it—after all, the media is rife with violence. Even some of Shakespear’s plays are extremely violent. Primates tend toward violence.

What is not mentioned is the role of psychiatric medication. Just google “school shootings and psychiatric medication “ and you’ll see what I mean. In nearly every case these shooters are taking psychiatric drugs, yet that fact is seldom mentioned in the media.

Thank you for commenting, William. I agree drugs do contribute to such acts. My son, who is 38, and his wife decided years ago they did not want children. For a while I was disappointed, but these days , as sad as it may sound, I' m rather glad.

I think you're connecting the wrong things. I highly doubt the medications caused the problem. It's more likely the underlying condition did so.

@memorylikeasieve You might be right, however, I am not the only one making that connection. Many qualified professionals are saying it:


You’d think the subject would at least warrant a thorough scientific study. They could compare the behavior of those on psychiatric drugs with the behavior of those with the same condition who were given only talk therapy. I am far from being an expert here, but I’ve seen the problem up close, and it disturbs me.


Texas is our pakistan. Education has been so Compromised and religion so intermixed with government that ignorance is celebrated.
That's how they end up with an oxygen thief like him as governor.
I say we fall back to the ship and nuke the whole site from space.
Its the only way to be sure.

Wow! I thought I was logging in to, a place of reason and secular camaraderie. Apparently I was sidetracked and stumbled into a parade of assholes.

@Prescott so are you saying that the gov. Of Texas Did not say such an ignorant and obtuse thing? Or is this a knee-jerk defense of morally bankrupt theocratic conservatism?

@Butcherman technically the first option since this post is about comments made by the Lieutenant Governor (this is spelled out in the original post), not the Governor.

It’s ironic that someone who flippantly uses nuclear holocaust as a solution to call someone else “morally bankrupt.” You’re like Trump calling someone else an asshole.

I heard that!!!


It's a horseshit deflection from the real problem, which is the unholy conflation of god, guns and patriotism in this country. There's so much disordered thinking on gun control that it's hard anymore to know where to even start dealing with it.


I have had essays by student on both sides of the issues, and support can be found for games not causing players to be violent and vice-versa. However, it has been several years since the last paper, so maybe new studies are more conclusive.

However, if a player is sane to begin with, the games will not cause him/her to go batshit. A mentally disturbed player would very likely become violent even without the games.

I wholeheartly agree with you. Our world history is full of violent people and how long have video games been around?

Blaming violent games is a “ red herring “ diversionary , altering focus on the issue on hand. The right and their gun masters determine how the “think” and react. No need for data, research, thesis or educated experts but rather be impulsive thoughtless, dogmatic

@Ray13 Spot on--THAT is the point. For some reason, people think that today has a monopoly on violence, but those people are ignorant of history. The reporting of violence is just more immediate. When witches/heretics were burned at the stake, it wasn't because of a video game.

@Millerski25 Yup.


Many violent regimes sought to regulate their populations through restricting access to contraceptives and abortions often while "encouraging, i.e. forcing" abortions for "undesirables". For example, Nazi Germany, Ceaușescu's Romania, North Korea.

Also, since most school shooters are male, I doubt that access or lack of access to abortion is a significant motivator in their lives.

I’m sorry that in spite of my far left leanings I’m not sure what you were trying to say. If you were saying men murder more it’s way more , approximately 93 percent of all murders or killing are by men. Who if white angry and own guns many of us are in fricken trouble

@Millerski25 Just trying to point out that abortion is highly unlikely to have any influence on whether or not there are school shootings.

@pixiedust Nono, no effect but the shooting historically are by angry white men .... some of the same who want to control women’s reproductive rights

@Millerski25 Yes, that's true, too.


Some recent studies seem to indicate that violent video games do not promote violence irl. This is a quote from an article in Skeptic magazine. "The crusade against video games is a moral panic akin to that seen in the panic over ritual satanic child abuse." []

Yeah that's a great article. We desperately want simplistic answers that involve controlling Other People rather than changing our own thinking or attitudes.

Maybe a study financially supported by the NRA

@Millerski25 You never know. They're very good at hiding where their money goes.


I met a lot of Texans 40 yrs ago when I worked in Corporate America for a Fortune 500 Company, and I have yet to meet one in those 40 years who has ever changed my initial opinion with the exception of Matt Dillahunty whose show The Atheist Experience is on every week and on line via You Tube.
Let me Clarify. A Texan and not a transplant who resides and never grew up 'Texan' Dubya was no more a Texan then MLK was Muslin or Christopher Hitchens went to Church once in a while.
I would no more read a Texas Periodical, Magazine, Newspaper as a reference or reliable source of information of any kind. Does the cliche "All Hat and no Cattle" or "Texas Tea" bring any relevance to what I am trying to relate.

What are you rambling on about? Were you unable to get past the first sentence before you decided the world just had to know about your opinion that has no relevance to the original post?

Me too!!!


I keep wondering why mass shootings take place at schools.

Easy victims that are corralled like sheep in small classrooms that typically only have one exit. Far easier to shoot up a school and church than it would be a police station.

Because of the gratuitous and ad nausium emotional media coverage has identified schools and children as the likely target to cause the most outrage. In short, would be shooters now know what victims (schools), they should target to get the most bang for their buck (biggest emotional impact).

Defenseless targets. The same reason bullies always pick on the weakest kids in the school... Its easy and makes them feel powerfull


These kids were brought up seeing violence and sex and deviation through tv, movies and VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES... they have been desensitized...human life has little value to them. The abortion/religion thing is BS

Xena Level 6 June 7, 2018

@Faithless1 Exactly. For example, Grand Theft Auto V has sold 90 million copies worldwide since it was released back in 2013. If videogames actually did cause violence they way that conservatives claim, we'd be on World War IV by now.

@Faithless1 and there are many who DO kill...who cares about the millions who don' doesn't change the fact that the constant flow of violence these kids are fed HAS to have an effect on their perception of the value of human life


You need to realize that we Texans are some of the smartest people in the world....and we pride ourselves on electing some of the dumbest, bigoted, racist, jerks in the state,.....why??? Well....the only thing I can figure is "tradition"....we got all tied up in cowboys, indians, cows, sheep, patties, then lost our minds to religion....and went we are some of the smartest....most are insane....

Texas elects the stupidest schmucks of almost any/ every state. I got a kick out of Richards but every gov. Is a moron and a large number of ultra ring wing dingbats.. they are bereft in any intellect nor a moral compass. I would go so far as to refer to the Congress persons as goosesteppers for Adolph Trump


There is violence in video games and since some of the recent school shootings a game maker came out with one called "Active Shooter." That was in poor taste and might have been recalled. We also have kids deeply into "the knockout game" which so many think is so cute - but it really isn't.
So, now take bullied and disenchanted kids who see they can be noticed by either shooting or "knocking out" more than the last person did. It's sort of like a challenge game. "Wait till they see how many I'm gonna be killing."
Keep in mind that I don't think the parents are supportive of the kids and most likely did not try to help them with a purpose in life. These shooters are young people who have just not found themselves.

The first school shooting took place in 1760 years before we became a country and while these have increased in recent years it's nothing new - what's new is the firepower that kids have access to - back in the day it was hard to kill or wound dozens of kids with a musket. As I recall not only were school shootings note rare but there were several cases of teachers shooting the kid that was trying to cause harm to other students. I once read where a recently dismissed janitor killed his wife, all his livestock and blew up the school he was dismissed from killing dozens. Blaming video games is too easy - why not blame comic books - I read several in the 60's and 70's that were quite violent. That being said, I do believe you were spot on when you wrote: "Keep in mind that I don't think the parents are supportive of the kids and most likely did not try to help them with a purpose in life."

There is zero (0) empirical evidence that links violent behavior with violent video game play. There are, however, around a hundred million kids under 18 world wide playing FPS- that's first person shooter - games on a daily basis for multiple years without ever acting violently in their everyday lives.
Your argument is invalid.

@Butcherman The purpose of all this stuff was supposedly to make young people want to enlist in the military so we would have no problems by eliminating the draft. I don't see comics or violence in general as helping things along.

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