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Years ago I had someone tell me that in socialism, everyone can work really hard and even if I deserve an A, the guy next to me who worked less, will also get an A. In a capitalist society, if I worked really hard, I would get an A and he would get a D. Why would I share my A?
I see things differently…
In a socialist society, I may work really hard and deserve an A, but I also am white and get treated better by my teachers. When I ask questions, I get answers. When the person of color next to me asks questions, the teacher doesn’t answer or may not even understand his question. The person of color has to go home and work a job late at night or early in the morning, while I get to go home and watch TV and do homework.
So, he may have worked hard, but he doesn’t get the same breaks I do. He may not have the same support at home I do. And because of how he looks, his teachers are already predisposed to him being a failure to try and even help him.
(As a High School Special Ed teacher, I have witnessed this many times for the underprivileged and under performing)
So, I could sit back and lump everyone else into a they are lazy why am I carrying them lump. Or I could see the reality that for every one truly lazy person, there are 10 others working twice as hard as me and getting no where. And there is a whole set who are VERY lazy and pay others to do their work, cheat and buy test answers, and come off looking like they are geniuses. Because they have money and influence, they will always seem to succeed.
Capitalism is a sham. It’s based on a system where the playing field is level for everyone. It isn’t. There are populations that will never make it, because of where they come from or the color of their skin. There are people who will always be out front for the same reasons.
If you have never been discriminated against, then you don’t have any say in what reality is in this country. If you are part of that WASP or just White race, then you most likely have no idea how things can be stacked against you.
There was a time in my life where I looked at everything like a conservative. “Affirmative action is bogus, people on welfare don’t deserve their benefits, black people need to get over the slavery issue, yada yada yada.
That is a white privilege way of thinking. It’s a lie we tell ourselves so we don’t have to face the truth that those elitist, racist thoughts are the actual problem in this country. Until you have actually faced the same problems as those people, you will never see anything beyond your own selfish needs. I have been discriminated because of my name, because I wasn’t a local home grown resident, I wasn’t a member of their religious community—so I know what some of it feels like. I can’t even begin to imagine what some of our fellow American minority citizens have endured. It’s horrible.
So I will speak out, defend, and stand up for the rights of everyone to have a job, a love partner, healthcare, a home, a car, and everything else that most privileged people take for granted. If more people actually gave more than they received, this world would be so much better- not just at Christmas. Altruism is what is truly rare in our society. So next time you ask, Why do I have to carry these people? Maybe you should ask, “what can I do to help others carry themselves?”

ksmartines 6 June 8

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There will always be more people than jobs because of the Reserve Army Of Labour.


Good read! At first i thought you were pointing something else out, but after reading it all, i see what you are saying. Good anologies. BUT people tend to confuse socialism with communism. In socialism, you are not required to help the D student get a C or B. You do it because you know it's the RIGHT thing to do. Communism is forcing you to give an A. That's how I look at it. Then I hear a lot of "hitler was a socialist". He was also Roman Catholic for most of his life, and still catholic when he died. So there.

On the topic of slavery... I know I will get a lot of opposing comments, but hear me out. Blacks DO need to get over it. Name one living person that WAS a slave. Didn't think so. You mentioned that one in 10 is usually the lazy one. But one rotten apple spoiles the bunch. It's that 10% that demand reperations make the 90% look bad. A claim is that "my great great grandfather was a slave... I'm entitled to money". How do you know that your family was the victem of slavery? I've also heard things like "they took away my heritage, and I don't know where I came from in Africa" to justify their point. I am white and of European decent (100%,Czech but I need to get a DNA test). Point is the earliest I could trace my family on either side was my Great Grand father (dads grandpa) was born in 1881 in Howells, Nebraska. My dad didn't even know that, and the reason I do is because I found his life insurance policy written in 1907. We were poor as hell back then, and I'm willing to bet we didn't have anything to do with slavery. Point is I don't even know my heritage previous to that, only told that before moving to Nebraska they lived in Iowa. I do agree with you that there is a thing called white privelage or unearned privelage. I also know there are a lot of white racists out there. Go to the south, and you hear about this battle was fought on this day is.... They aren't history buffs, just spread hate. Just like morons that fly the confederate flag. I saw a meme with robin saying "But it's part of my..." Batman smacks him and says "YOU'RE FROM NEBRASKA". I have also seen too many people play the brown card. I went to HS in a small town that's about 60% hispanic/latino. Several people pulled it to try and get off detention, and the ones I'm talking about ended up becoming felons. I'm sorry, but in that town, whites are the minority.

Sorry for ranting for so long about one sentence.


If FDR had lived a while longer, some of the issues we are dealing with in the United States wouldn't even be an issue.

The Second Bill of Rights is a list of rights that was proposed by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt during his State of the Union Address on Tuesday, January 11, 1944.

In his address, Roosevelt suggested that the nation had come to recognize and should now implement, a second "bill of rights". Roosevelt's argument was that the "political rights" guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights had "proved inadequate to assure us equality in the pursuit of happiness". His remedy was to declare an "economic bill of rights" to guarantee these specific rights:

Employment (right to work), food, clothing and leisure with enough income to support them
Farmers' rights to a fair income
Freedom from unfair competition and monopolies
Medical care
Social security


Spot on. Life isn't fair, but the rules of the game must be. Everyone needs to have an equal opportunity to succeed or fail based upon their own merits. Not because someone who happens to have more power and influence gets to rig the game.

The Philadelphia Eagles don't get to make the rules for the upcoming NFL season just because they won the Super Bowl last year. They have to play by the same rules as the lowely Cleveland Browns. Same applies to life.

This is why we have laws, rules and regulations. Much as free market purists hate such things, they serve a very necessary role in society. They level the playing field. And as much of an annoyance as they can be at times, I will never support their eradication in favor of a pure, unregulated free market system.


A succinct way to put your argument is that life is not a zero-sum game. There is plenty of love, empathy, compassion, productivity, innovation and caring to go around. Sharing does not diminish you.

This doesn't mean that private property is necessarily a bad concept. I think you still get to decide what to keep and what to share with others, so that it's done without compulsion. The fruits of your labor ARE yours, to do with as you wish; it's just that there's surprisingly little percentage in having more than you need for your basic necessities, and it's surprising how edifying it is to share. And so I have no problem with being required to do some of that sharing through the intermediary of government. There are some things that can only be done as a society, and most of them are very necessary.


We have a planet that is finite but capitalism requires infinite growth and consumption. Either we learn to live together or we will die together.

@archer5691 You're 52 and you think you will make it? I'm 57 and figure I have another 20 years left in me with the last 10 being pretty nasty, best of luck for you.

@archer5691 I live in Canada too, I am less than a mile from the US border. This does not reassure me at all.


""There was a farmer who grew excellent quality corn. Every year he won the award for the best grown corn. One year a newspaper reporter interviewed him and learned something interesting about how he grew it. The reporter discovered that the farmer shared his seed corn with his neighbors. “How can you afford to share your best seed corn with your neighbors when they are entering corn in competition with yours each year?” the reporter asked.

“Why sir,” said the farmer, “Didn’t you know? The wind picks up pollen from the ripening corn and swirls it from field to field. If my neighbors grow inferior corn, cross-pollination will steadily degrade the quality of my corn. If I am to grow good corn, I must help my neighbors grow good corn.”

So is with our lives... Those who want to live meaningfully and well must help enrich the lives of others, for the value of a life is measured by the lives it touches. And those who choose to be happy must help others find happiness, for the welfare of each is bound up with the welfare of all...
-Call it power of collectivity...
-Call it a principle of success...
-Call it a law of life.
The fact is, none of us truly wins, until we all win!!""

great story! thank you 🙂


I just wanted to say thank you for sharing that. I have had this exact argument with nearly all of my family members (except for a couple of us black sheep) and most of the friends I grew up with that were somehow able to keep themselves isolated from interacting and understanding the objective reality that exists in our communities. I have felt so worn down trying to argue against the ignorance I encounter everyday living here in South Carolina. I grew up in southern California in a county with a population roughly the same size as the whole state of South Carolina. I'm so tired of hearing that our society offers equal opportunity and that there is no structural racism or elitism, that if people really wanted to change their circumstances then they would, and it just comes down to motivation. Such points of view seek to over-simplify so many variables and circumvent taking responsibility for making the changes imperative to providing our fellow human beings with a real quality of life. Feeling oppressed and discriminated against comes with so much baggage that restricts the mind's consciousness from obtaining any true sense of self-actualization, and arrests the ability for abstract thought.
So thank you for sharing and for bringing your perspective into your daily encounters. Hopefully we are able to make some sort of small impact on those around us, and that if we cause enough ripples, hopefully in time they shall compound, and a wave of enlightenment washes over our following generations, that our fellow human beings will find freedom of thought, and religion will cease to find a footing, where fear no longer presides over our interactions.

Robert Kennedy said it best, I think:
Check out this picture

@Fanburger why not start a group on here and show us step by step how to build wealth. Not everyone understands how money works. Don't tell me...


Another point is that in socialism the kid that deserves the A will get it, while the kid who earned a D will get the D, but he won't be allowed to starve or die because he can't afford healthcare simply because he got a bad grade.

JimG Level 8 June 8, 2018

well said


You should have stopped after the first paragraph.

BD66 Level 7 June 8, 2018
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