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Name one thing you want to try in the bedroom.



I'm thinking of filling my CPAP reservoir with tequila.

I never thought of that!

Sapphire Gin for me

@Paul628 I guess I misunderstood the question or my mind is in the “gutter “

@Millerski25 Nope, but it is not quite extraordinary, I mean have you not done this?

I laughed so hard at this! Thanks

Hahaha. smile001.gif

I'll have to try this! Maybe it will help me sleep longer than 4 hours.

@LetzGetReal are you kidding I’m preoccupied with cunniligus

@LetzGetReal are you teasing me of my chioce in.bed.... oral pleasure to a woman when you referred to “ bush” or have I inspired you just a wee bit


Fall asleep without 700 position changes and a human sacrifice.

Oh yeah! Why I like to nap and sometimes SLEEP alone...


A restful sleep


Beat me to it!

@Holysocks ha!


Paint a mural on the ceiling. 😉

Cop Out on aisle 7 ... Cop Out on aisle 7 ...

I am going to hang some gorgeous cloth on mine, it is too low and I need it not to feel like a the bottom of a slave ship, and to feel like my garden~


Tidying up.


Convince the dust bunnies to give me some privacy.

Then you might be lonely!

@HippieChick58 Hmmm, well they are quiet and soft, but not very cuddly.


Try not to be there by myself.........


Before I started current job I had some time off between jobs, so I did some painting. I had always wanted to try an ombre wall, and I wanted a bedroom strictly in my taste, my fantasy, my sanctuary. I love the ombre wall, and I made the quilt as well. My bedroom makes me happy. I haven't had any visitors since the painting was done.

You are our next Mary Cassatt

WOW, that IS lovely!

Looks cozy!

I did something similar. I call it "the box".

That's super cute. 😃


To actually be in a stable relationship to invite a man into my bedroom would be a start.



I would like to put the bed along side the south wall....but I don't have anyone to help me move the very heavy box frame. smile003.gif



Booooooooring !!!... Oh, bacon I mean 😇😁


Sleep for eight hours at a time.

To dream, the impossible dream...

@ailurophile Lucid dreaming, I used to be able to do it, but no longer. It was fun.

Hey, I got seven last night, a lot for me. smile001.gif


A new man. smile009.gif Or maybe a new vanity table.....that would probably last longer....every pun intended! smile009.gif

Mirroring is fun!


Having one of my own would be the prefect start....


I've been considering red curtains.

HOT CHA CHA! Go for it.~


Breakfast. (Everything else I've tried, one time or another) smile001.gif

Brunch, Lunch, "Dunch" AND dinner, too??




Have company

lol ! smile009.gif


I have NOT had a man IN this bed ever in this house... Have lived here for 11 yrs. Not to say I have not been in a few of theirs but that is ANOTHER story~

Let's do it in the kitchen, too... Heheheheheh


Sleeping! I haven't been sleeping well lately.

I understand what you mean. Last night I was up until 3:30am. It seems the only time I can sleep is when the alarm is going off.


Getting someone in it.


Sleeping a good solid 8 hours.

I can relate, though am pretty good with 6 or 7 a lot of the time, I have to be...


A comfortable bed.

My mattress molded in storage, and I couldn't afford another one. So, a friend loaned me a twin mattress. Comfortable, but it molded too. I think one of her dogs had an accident on it before they brought it over, and none of us caught that.

YIKES, that can truly make one sick.

IF you can seal up your house and leave for at least 36 hrs. one can chemical bomb it with bleach and vinegar solution, a cup of each in a pail on the floor; be sure to GET OUT and to cover all tech equipment with a plastic tarp.

I used to do this in W.Va, had issues with the roof in a 200 + yr. old school house.

Better yet, BUY A NEW ONE??

@LetzGetReal Heh! Thanks for the advice, but this is a rental and has a sump pump in the basement. Vermont, in general, is a mold factory. A dear friend who is allergic to just about everything installed central AC to help with the problem. I've tried convincing my ex, as well as various housemates that cleaning is a good idea, but... Once I get my own place, they can all mold in peace.

Added later: I have a bunkbed I bought used that is in various bits... as soon as I clear some room in my room, I'll assemble it. If I could afford a new mattress, I'd have bought one long ago.


Here in Spain one can buy pretty cheap aerosols of anti-mould spray for walls, etc, that allow one to re-enter the room after a couple of hours.
Surely a land as advanced as the USA would have an equivalent.

@Petter PLS send us an URL... I have NOT heard of it and have lived all over this bloody country, but then you are more of a scientist!

@Petter Yes, please... a url or brand names would be much appreciated.

@LetzGetReal I don't have a URL. I just go into a hardware shop and buy some if I want it. I thought it would be universal.


@Petter There are some which are minimally effective.

The best solution is an equal part of chlorine and vinegar which releases a gas which will drive the snakes out of Ireland~ ONE HAS TO LEAVE or it will kill them as well.

@LetzGetReal I know Zinc Sulphate is effective against many fungi. (It is the active ingredient in many foot powders, for example). Perhaps this would work? either as a fine powder sprinkled on to a mattress, etc, or as a solution dissolved into pretty hot water then sprayed onto walls.


Getting it finally cleaned up.

Am in process, plus some decorating... But that is kind of ongoing for me.


Oreo cookies and onion dip, I keep thinking about it but keep forgetting when I'm shopping, thanks for the reminder.

I shudder to think what that combination would taste like.

Tell me, is that Oreos and onion dip together?

@HippieChick58 Joking, no? B A R F I N G
bed, the hottest new craze!

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