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Let's pretend we're wrong and a supernatural diety shows up on earth!
What three questions would you ask this being?




  1. WTF 2. WTF and 3. WTF.........

@BigBoMclain Exactly. A lot of explaining to do!

  1. If you are all-powerful, why do you not just vanquish evil?
  2. Why do you allow innocent children to suffer horrible deaths in earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes?
  3. If you are all-good, why create a hell to torment people for being the way you created them to be?

Where have you been? What were you thinking? How are you going to fix your fuckups?


Not three questions, just three letters: WTF?



Just one from me: How could you?


What planet are you from?
How fast does that thing go?
Did you bring any Goddesses?


Why are you such a passive/aggressive piece of shit?
Why do you allow children and other innocents to suffer unnecessarily with
disease, violence, and natural disasters?
Why are you such a passive/aggressive piece of shit?



What are the next winning lottery numbers, !


Why did you allow Hitler?
Why did you allow the Native American Genocide?
Why don't we have three hands????


Ask "Why are you so fucking ridiculously late?".
Ask "What the hell are you going to do now that the place is completely fucked over?
Ask "What the fuck were you thinking?"


Just One, before I kicked it into next week: WTH were you thinking?!??


Hey god, what's up?
A couple of questions, if you don't mind.

  1. Where have you been?
  2. Why so long?
  3. Why now?

Have you come to say sorry?
Do you have a conscience?
Would you like to see the Therapist now?


This is not a question, but rather an observation: Funny, you look nothing like Jeffrey Hunter or Jim Caviezel! Now the questions:

Have you considered getting some help for your sadistic tendencies?
What's with this aversion to sex you seem to have?
Who made you?
Do you poop and pee?
What's your I.Q.? (Your E.Q. seems a tad low)
Why do we have an appendix and tonsils?
Who's really your mama???

  1. Why did you hide yourself.
  2. Why do you let people suffer especially children.
  3. Why are you such a thug.

Cancer? Childhood starvation? Slavery?

  1. This little experiment with existence and all, was it a class project or just something you decided to do?

  2. Depending on the answer to #1: What grade did you get on it, or are you happy with the results?

  3. Are you going to do it again, and if so, what changes do you plan to make?


How do you justify your (non-)existence?


Only one question, really. "Wtf did you think you were doing?"


I'd find out who his/her supervisor is because he/she is not doing their job and needs to be fired. If I let this much chaos go on in my position, i'd have been fired.


I wouldn't ask anything but I'd let them know they suck


How hard was it to write the program? Did you use C++ or Java to simulate our Universe? Why did you create that idiot Donald Trump?


What took so long?

Good one!!!!! smile001.gif

@SKH78 Maybe he is waiting on another Moses. He was the only person in the Bible to stand up to God and say Stop, you idiot!

  1. Were you dropped on your head when you were a kid?
  2. Do you have a blood fetish?
  3. What are you afraid of?
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