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If I tell you my best reason for labeling myself as an Agnostic Humanist, will you tell me one reason why you do NOT come out with the same label.
My reason : Humanists do things in a correct and respectful manner in to organize changes in the laws of a country that produce changes in attitude to religious practices and beliefs.

Mcflewster 7 June 15

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Because I refuse to wear a "label".A label means nothing.

See my reply above . Of course it means nothing permanently but can be useful in certain situations. In fact all political discussion would currently be useless unless Americans had the label Democrat or Republican. It just shows what 'Camp' you are in but of course you can pitch your tent anywhere you like - even to spy on the enemy. It helps in statistics particularly in social sciences where changes in society are being followed.


Labels can be useful as shorthand descriptors, but they can also be silly and restrictive as well. Does the fact that I try to put the interests of the human race above my own define me as a Humanist? Or the fact that I choose to default to a non-theistic path of reasoning make me an Agnostic? When it comes to wearing ideologies, I prefer the nudist approach. I left the badge fetish behind with my childhood.


First off I'm not agnostic, I'm an atheist.

Secondly the definition I found for "humanist" on is: a person having a strong interest in or concern for human welfare, values, and dignity.

Although I do think those things are important, I would not say that I have a "strong interest in or concern". Thinking civil injustice should not exist is not the same as "having a strong interest or concern". I wouldn't label myself the opposite of "humanist" whatever that is.

Really "humanist" just seems to me like the new political buzzword being thrown around the internet by people who don't like being called social justice warriors. From what I see most of these "humanists" don't do anything other than "raise awareness" which seems like a gentle way to say they hunt for likes by posting videos displaying racism and adding a harsh caption.

Very good comment!
I think that "humanism" is too mushy a concept to have a real meaning any more. It simply is of no relevant usefulness, more like a badge to signal one's alliance.



I am a Secular Humanist. I see no reason that I can not know what a Humanist is as Agnostic would imply.


Agnostic Humanist as opposed to what?

Any other TEMPORARY description as a shorthand for what I might believe. You basically know what a Republican will believe or you can predict what reaction a Republican will give to any problem. Labels are not to be thought of as permanent but they do perform a function quite frequently in well described situations . [Like being proud to call oneself an American]

@thinkingsooner Humanists generally do not like to Evangelise as they know the harm that those who call themselves such, can do but there are other ways of spreading a message which is not Humanistic

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