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Omaha is having a heat wave. I keep being reminded of this. It is also sad to realize that Robin Williams is gone. But this is one of my favorite clips !

Ohub 7 June 16

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Last time I was in Omaha in the middle of the summer, it felt like I was in Bangkok. Trouble is, that was the middle of July. It's only mid-June. You expect terrible heat and humidity in Nebraska in July and August. June should still be fairly cool.

I was going to say the only people that think Omaha is humid are people from Colorado... and I see your profile says Denver!

I lived in Omaha for 5 years... and yes, it gets hot, but compared to places like southeast Missouri and on down towards the Mississippi Delta, Omaha seems almost desert dry. (Like Denver! Hope you guys don't have fires like last year!) I recall one year we had a week of temps hitting like 104 or so daily, cattle were dropping like flies because they can't do temps that high.

I had to move from Omaha because of the winters. That and the gray bleary coating everything gets in the winters. I got really tired of weather reports where the only good thing they had to say was "At least we're not as cold as Minot North Dakota!"
I got in my 1991 Toyota truck one super cold morning, and when I slid in, the vinyl seat shattered under my butt. That has never happened in Texas. Not once.


I grew up in NE Nebraska, but yes the south makes Nebraska seem like desert climate.

Due to climate change, Denver has also become far more hot and humid than it was when I first moved here back in 1992.

I work for Union Pacific RR, and that is how I ended up in Omaha. I got there in Feb and the COLD was shocking... But by the time my ex got there and we had bought a house it seemed pretty nice. Almost like a small town. For example grocery stores were not even requiring ID when you wrote a check! Over all we liked it, it was just the length and harshness of the winters. Man.

When the chance to move to Texas popped up, warmth with cheaper housing... We jumped. I did work with people from Texas who did not want to go back. One guy told me "Nah, you''ll need to shower 3x a day!"

I've been pursuing a woman from Castle Rock... She has told me the area got less snow this year than usual, so that area is still in a very severe drought. Worries of fires like last year are high.


such a talent lost


I have been outside three times today, just long enough to get done what I had to do and get back to the AC. I love the clip. but I look at the khaki uniform and I'm thinking his brass is not centered properly. OMG, after all these years.

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