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Do you believe in Unicorns?

HippieChick58 9 June 17

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Did anybody ever see a law, or "human rights" - No? - But we believe they exist. And they do, in a sense, although in a different way then planets or viruses exist.

(To those who are tempted to reply: But laws can be seen in books and other juridical texts: No. What you see there is not the law, you only see symbols printed on paper. The laws that correspond to these symbols are imagined entities, they only exist in your mind, better: in our minds linked by communication...)

Matias Level 8 June 18, 2018

@Lukian First: The prohibition of murder is not a law, but a moral rule (in societies like ours with its secular institutions, it can become a law).
Second: Yes, laws and religion are two belief systems.
Third'. In certain circumstances murder not only is not prohibited but encouraged, for example in war (killing the enemy).

My general point is: Atheists are barking up the wrong tree when they harp on the fact that "god does not exist". He does not exist but that is largely irrelevant because all (!) belief systems and imagined orders do NOT exist (in the way planets or viruses exist)

@Lukian It is generally not advisable to "harp on" something. Sometimes a forgotten fact needs to be highlighted, like - for example - the fact that all our civilisation is built on "belief systems", made up of "imagined entities" that are as real as deities or goblins.
Like fish are not aware of the water they are swimming in (so they say...), we are generally not aware of the fact that we are swimming in a sea of "imagined orders" and beliefs - even as atheists!

@Lukian So what question was avoided? There were two question in your previous posts:
"are you trying to equate religion and laws as a belief system?"
"which fact is worth harping then?"
I tried to answer both of them...
I am sorry if my answers did not satisfy you 😇

@Lukian A moral rule of conduct is a choice and a belief (your have to belief in the relevance of the values that underpin the moral rule. NO values > no rules.
Laws are a consensus, a socially constructed system, but in our daily activities we are not aware of that, we believe that laws are "real".
My point: Like fish in water, all of us, atheists or theists, are swimming in multiple belief system that make up our culture. Some of these belief system point to somethig transcending everyday reality - we call them "religions" - other belief systems are made of entities that do not transcend the here and now: money, corporations, laws, moral values...


I've had Christians argue to me that God is something they "feel" is true, rather than they think it is. It's hard to reason with that kind of thinking.

Denker Level 7 June 17, 2018

@Lukian I like that. It is a case of being very careful to distinguish what you are actually feeling, because chances are it will be something totally natural.


I've never seen gravity either, but I guess it's doing it's thing. I feel really heavy today.


God doesn't love people who don't believe in unicorns.

JimG Level 8 June 17, 2018

I don't think God really loves people.

@HippieChick58 I believe you are correct, and that would mean that my statement is true.

@JimG Of course!


bbbuut some people swear they 'feel' the 'power of god'... ooohhh brother!!


I only believe in the pink ones. Hahahaha


He still won't get it because he has seen trees and a sunset for his proof of god. The more you would talk to him he might have hundreds more that are just as logical -- to him, not to you.


No logic there...

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