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Would You Move to Another State?
What About a Different Country? I Don't Know About You But Herr Trump and his Nazis are Turning This Country to Shit-Another Nazi Germany.

By sassygirl38699
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No I would not surrender my country to that bastard and his flunkey's

Marine Level 8 June 20, 2018

I would go right where I am living. One can't get much more progressive and cut off from the rest of the country as an island in Western Washington.

JackPedigo Level 8 June 20, 2018

If my kids all moved with me I'd love to go back to the Seattle/Tacoma/Everett area, we lived there 1994 to 1999. I'd consider Colorado as well, extended family is there and one kid makes frequent trips there anyway. I have lived in Germany as well, I'd consider going back. Or Sweden I've heard great things about.


I already moved to Australia, back in the U.S. for the summer visiting, I have no desire to stay here permanently. It just keeps getting worse.

Lincster45 Level 6 June 19, 2018

Having grown up in progressive WA State, but living in the Deep South the past 27 years, I can say it is tricky balancing the attitude to "take a socially conscious stand and make a difference" with the simple need for self-preservation.
If I could retire right now and my kid were finished with high school, I would seriously consider moving to the southern Cascade region of Western Oregon. It is a progressive state on healthcare, and some of the most beautiful natural scenery this side of Alaska, but with way milder winters. LOL. And it would be partway between my brother in northern Arizona and my brother in Seattle, WA.
Buuuut... I have too much invested in my career to bail out just yet. I need whatever retirement pension I can build up. Once I retire, Louisiana can say Hi to my rearview mirror.

Me toooooooo!!

My oldest daughter was born at FT. Polk Army Hospital in 1984. We moved in Jan 1985. Saying goodbye to Louisiana was not hard at all.

@HippieChick58 it amazes me that countless native-born Louisianans would never ever even consider living anywhere else. It is as if by doing so, they might be contaminated by the big wide world, or something. Odd when virtually every single quality of life measure ranking the 50 states puts Louisiana at or near the absolute bottom. Maybe they can't stand the thought of being confronted by actual evidence that their beloved home that they have eulogized with religious fervor is actually woefully deficient. Why, that would positively be like finding out the "holy Word of God" was riddled with factual errors! Can you imagine?

@MikeInBatonRouge I knew a gal with a masters in teaching that had no classroom experience. They would not hire her as she was "overqualified'. We had a chance to move back to Louisiana 15 or so years ago, still had kids in school and I said "oh hell NO." Would have been a great job for the ex, but no way I was going to move to Louisiana. That was less than a year before Katrina, and maybe the best decision I ever made.

@HippieChick58 yes, great decision! I was first here in the mid-1980s to attend college at Tulane, but promptly left upon graduating. When I returned in 1999, however, it was from Alabama, which on numerous levels is no better. But the return was, again, for schooling purposes, not my own but my spouse's. The professional market for social workers here was terrible, but as I waited for her to finish her PhD (which took 3 hospitalizations, a childbirth, 3 changes in dissertation chair, not to mention Hurricane Katrina, ... about 12 years!) During all that, I managed to claw my way into a career that I now don't want to throw out. It is one of those life traps that happen.


Nowhere at the moment


The USA is not the only country with this type of hopefully temporary problem. Many move to areas of like minded people, and I have done so over the years, but it doesn't solve the problem, it can however make your life less unpleasant. Back of my mind is playing with the concept of a "virtual" nation within a nation. I am down on Oz, smaller population, great distances. Thinking if we could connect enough people down here with similar plans, thoughts, ideas we could ignore small differences and vote as a block to suddenly shift the power away from our 2-4 major parties. Catch them unawares and make some changes. But we would need people charismatic and respectable such as Dick Smith and Tony Windsor to take the lead.

Rugglesby Level 8 June 19, 2018

Washington state. because it is mostly non religious and liberal in that state. a friend moved near seatle. though it would be culture shock after nc all these years. and country, i would do australia. or the neatherlands. ausy for the friends i have all over it, and the other because of the way they live, very well. and educated, and not religious.


From the moment I joined this site Las Vegas originally was home base and my environment but life being what life is kept me in Maryland/DC Area but trump, pence or micky mouse are not stopping me from returning back to Vegas... Southern Florida is a distant second and in 2 years I can rent my nephew house in P.R. but a lot could happen in 2 years including returning to Europe (any of the Baleares Islands) or life in Havana if ameriKKKa get it's shit together and I can obtain my 3 Retirement Checks in Cuba. I am Gipsy.


I would move to Canada or Australia or New Zealand -- perhaps even Norway -- in a heartbeat. And, I'd also move to any other BLUE state in our nation.

I'm praying he and Pence get twin heart attacks - and soon. (Let the admonishments begin. Or not. Let's not and say we did.)

BlueWave Level 8 June 19, 2018

Australia sounds good. Wanna come @MrLizard?

Yes and no. It would certainly be difficult fir me.

@MrLizard for me too. There's always Europe, which is a bit closer.

@germangirl90439 You don't know how I get.


@MrLizard I'll find out in time. And vice versa ...



Thought of Norway. maybe the Faroe Islands-part of Denmark


Somewhere warm. lol

Paul628 Level 8 June 19, 2018

Moving to another state won't get me away from Cinnamon Hitler. Canada wouldn't be far enough away from him; besides which, I hate the cold. I've toyed, however, with a South American country if that POS is still in the White House in 2020--like Ecuador, Chile, or Uruguay.

I toyed with the idea of going to Ecuador a few years ago. The cost of living is good, there is a good size expat community, and the Equator is there! I want to stand on the equator! Then I had a granddaughter and realized I didn't want to be where I couldn't watch her grow up.


I like California a lot. But I'd be willing to move to any state, maybe not the most Southern, or most westernized countries for leisure, business or safety.

dani2382 Level 5 June 19, 2018
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