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Its Gonna Happen - Mueller to the Rescue

By sassygirl38699
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I would have thought one of those two would have been on their knees...

NormCastle Level 7 June 21, 2018

How about now?

IAmLove Level 7 June 20, 2018

Soon, please!!


It has been reported that HE speaks to Putin on the phone. Getting instructions no doubt.

Mooolah Level 8 June 20, 2018

Good luck.
My thinking is that Mueller is holding out till after November so there is a possibility of him being impeached.


Hmmmmmmm......I was thinking he would do it right before so that he is not reelected. Time will tell.

@hankster you need the democrats to hold a majority so there is any chance of trump being impeached. As I understand you have elections this year in November to choose the state representatives.

@hankster, @BlueWave I think you call them the midterms. Im not american so Im trying to learn this stuff and some of it may be out of context. Sorry.

@Stealthbeard Mueller needs to go first.... to help sway the vote for the Democrats in this falls elections.... then maybe impeachment.

@hankster this is a very slim possibility of happening. First the democrats would have to regain the House. That is a strong possibility. However, regaining the Senate is far-fetched. The democrats would have to take 9 out of 13 elections on tap for this midterm. Many of the seats that are up for election are currently occupied by a democrat. There is a strong possibility that republicans gain more seats in the Senate during the midterms. You would need Senate approval for confirmation of impeachment. There is a stronger possibility that Trump stops the Mueller investigation and that in turn angers enough of Congress to vote to impeach in the house, Senators like Lindsey Graham and others have stated that they would vote to impeach if Trump interfers with the Mueller investigation.

@hankster your probably right. I was just thinking is there a reason for him to take his time. All I could come up with is that you need a majority in the house to get an impeachment. Republicans haven't shown much enthusiasm for it.

@Darthpug yeah I've heard the numbers, but i hope the Muller stuff will sway popular sentiment even among the Republicans to make it happen. that is just a dream or wishful thinking perhaps, but....

@Stealthbeard you are correct

@hankster I do think that is a dream. It would be the right thing though

@btroje LOL at least I'm Dreaming right.

@btroje I don't know much about the stuff, so I went read this on Wikipedia. it seems like if we could get enough of the house going he could be impeached even if not removed from office. I think that at least would put a hitch in his giddy up

@hankster yes i am hoping for the midterms and it may well be a factor with mueller


Yeah, but Pence is not so much better, just doesn't tweet.

Jolanta Level 8 June 20, 2018

I'm just guessing... but if what Mueller does turns this election into the trouncing of the right-wing in Congress.... and impeachment proceedings begin, it will be quite a while before Pence gets his hands on the wheel. and when he does he's going to be relatively impotent.

perhaps I'm just dreaming but I kind of like that idea.

@hankster One can only live in hope.


Mueller time for Don the Con

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