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Why do you think people base their dating decisions so much on superficial things, such as colour, race, money, social status (popularity), height etc? It really annoys me

Gagan10 3 June 21

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It doesn't annoy me so much as tell me what people avoid. If a woman's racism is so blatant that she feels the need put "White men only" in her headline...or even if she words it more eloquently in her profile, we obviously aren't going get along. me, that is like putting "No fat chicks" in my profile and is rude, crude, and socially unacceptable


There is nothing superficial about knowing what you want and/or like.

Kay Level 3 June 23, 2018

It's ok, not everyone can understand things at a deeper level

Some people can't take other's opinions ?

@Gagan10 Exactly! And I'm glad that you are big enough of a person to recognize it.


I'm very superficial, so it's hard to base my decisions on anything else.

Gareth Level 7 June 22, 2018

At least you're honest! haha


I agree with you most people look at the photo of the book not what's inside some are very hurtful comments about others characters without knowing anything about them and if you get a Religious person there whole delusion governs there decisions I personally think religion is shallow because of the way it's put that an intelligent person that is a free thinker and and thinks within reason and sets science as the search for truth a religious person will cut you off they put you in a box as a sinner and the afterlife is more important I've been dead once and I have told a girl doesn't matter your religion your going same place I went regardless your beliefs. I could be wrong but that's what I think

Drew69 Level 6 June 21, 2018

Mostly because dating is spontaneous if you want someone compatible, make friends with them do normal things with them. Trying to impress usually just unravels into the equivalent of a lie anyway.

azzow2 Level 9 June 21, 2018

I base my decisions on whether my profile has been read, or ignored; whether there’s ANY common interests; whether they are already acting pushy, entitled, or worse. Those are the strictest criteria.

Race is not paramount, but I stay mostly within my lines: if the person catches my interest, race is not a deterring factor.
Social status/popularity are both subjective. So is appearance, but I must like what I see(and everybody is this way, pretty much).
Money...I don’t need riches, but I certainly don’t need someone who cannot even manage their own lives. (Nor do I need a sugar daddy/mama). I’ve been messaged by men without cars, jobs, and who still lived at home. And who were fine with asking to be picked up from there! BLOCK. I raised my kids already, I have no intentions or interest in a man/woman-baby.


I think people do that because they're scared. To really get to know someone means getting beyond all that stuff. To me it's a red flag if someone bases their dating criteria on externals.


Hi, Gagan, and welcome to the website,

Of course people care about those things. Men typically go for the youngest, most attractive woman's photo they see in dating websites, but women want to know if a prospective mate is employed, attractive, healthy, has the same interests, is the same nationality, etc.

No woman wants to date an unemployed 300 lb loser who lives with his mother. In my case, I don't even date someone who loves hunting and fishing, or plays golf.

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"Is the same nationality" lol. No point discussing anything further with a racist

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