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"Poverty exists not because we cannot feed the poor but because we cannot satisfy the rich" Anonymous

kmdskit3 8 June 23

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Dr King said, "Poverty is violence," in his Nobel acceptance speech. His mentor, Gandhi, said, Poverty is the worst form of violence."

These words were spoken so many generations ago, and we still lack the humanity to heed them. Shame on us who are not poor.


So true. but be carefull remmenber helping yourfellow man in amerca is now considered
Evel communism.



Eat the rich

btroje Level 9 June 23, 2018

I don't know... I guess it depends on how they're prepared and with what sauce.

@kmdskit3 yes, never abandon judgement


The poor are not greedy, they are desperate. Big difference. DT and his cronies are greedy, having plenty and still wanting more at the expense of the truly poor.


This is an amazing and amazingly true quote.


How sad, but true!


I just started volunteering for a homeless outreach. Until one sees this desperation first hand it is not possible to define poverty. These dear people live in tents in the woods. People leave clothing and food for them at the edge of the woods. The homeowners complain about the mess. The rich are so out of touch. They take everything and have no empathy for the poor. They will never be satisfied.

@Fanburger That’s ok. ...that you disagree. Tell me what you think about corporations who pay lobbyists to buy congressmen to vote against the raising the minimum wage?

@Fanburger Really? When was the last time the minimum wage was raised? ...and during that time...from that time until now, how much have prices gone up? Do,you,know that Walmart employees when they are hired are given applications to apply for food stamps? We are subsidizing corporations with our tax dollars. Not sure what you mean by unreasoned??


Yes, they could spend some quality time and money, bringing a less fortunate person at an early age, into the social order...with education and support until that person, found their ‘legs’. But, that would be a hand-out, I guess!

Education and opportunity are not handouts.

@Sticks48 I was thinking past public education...something like what the rich people enjoy!

@Sticks48 I was once friends with the daughter of Mr Wrigley's(chewing gum) ‘right hand man’ she called Mr Wrigley, uncle. When she learned where I came from, she told me that she had lived a charmed life, compared to mine! But, she had no clue, about how my life struggles had been and what it took to get to the point of being friends with her. I never heard her she or ‘those’ rich people helped other people! It was animals, instead! She went beyond the call of duty to help animals.

@Freedompath l think we are really on the same page. ☺

@Sticks48 no problem. Good night!




Now that is a powerful statement.

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