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There is a lot to say about wisdom. Not so much about a high iq. Do you agree? If not pls leave some detail as to why you don't agree.

ChrisFrost 5 June 24

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Don’t know that I understand.. What I’ve noticed is that IQ allows the intake of wisdom.

Varn Level 8 June 24, 2018

If that were the case, we would still be living in caves and hunting with spears.


Agree some very high IQ individuals have demonstrated very low wisdom in electing an idiot to be president.

Marine Level 8 June 24, 2018


My guess is the ‘smart ones’ knew exactly what they were getting.. Evil creeps.


IQ test is pretty much a joke because it is equated on a standardized curriculum. Give a mechanic a toolbox that is a high school drop out and they will repair an 80,000$ Jaguar. You could give a doctor a wrench and they in most cases would prop the door open with it. My point is common sense in every case outweighs book smarts.

azzow2 Level 9 June 24, 2018

Yeah. The most popular test, the WAIS, allows the test taker to study a practice book to bring up his score.


...and i put this in silly, random & fun yet for the most part I got serious responses.. All good. Seems ppl that are smarter than others, in one or more areas, trigger ppl more than ppl with wisdom. Thats what I just gathered from reading the comments. But ppl are ppl and i might be reading nothing but emotionless facts. I think age grants wisdom and a high iq...maybe i miss typed this but for lack of better words... quick thinkers are looked down upon cause it took the ppl with wisdom more time to get to the same thought. Its all relative and ppl can be both and eventualy have both. Sorry my words and meanings are different for some. For the most part here in the bibble belt ppl understand iq as a way to spell out smart. Or for a more simplified way of saying someone is smarter than another. This post was a seed. I wanted to see some wit. There is not a lot to say about having a high threshold for retaining information cause it will take the wisdom of age to detail how it happened and why it is or has happened. Wisdom is the story of how they got that iq. Iq was just the sentence they remembered. ?

Okay so I am going to share something I learned from someone who lives in the Netherlands, who studies human intelligence.

The trait of cruelty towards has a moderate correlation with IQ because the brain needs to use inhibition to do things, and the high IQ brain is always doing something. That correlation is compromised because of confounding variables between IQ and making verbal or physical insults against people.

People who are cruel towards others have a specific array of non-intelligence related traits.

That being said, it's just a heuristic that having a higher IQ means a person insults others more, it's not a really reliable fact.


IQ accomplishes more than wisdom does, sadly, but you're right, there's not much to say about it, so I am going to explain why I agree.

It correlates more strongly with mental development, but it has a point of diminishing returns. When someone has more than a certain amount of IQ in their brain, they encounter social problems because they cannot relate to others, who struggle to handle the mental aspect of things that the person who is more than sufficient in IQ would find very easy. This can lead to threats, insults, etc. and they stack up.

When IQ is very relatively to environmental requirements, the whole environment becomes an insult because there is so much conscious, controlled thinking being done, that confluency with such a mass of neural activity and intellectual expression is naturally impossible. The world turns into an empty field of "blah" that was already considered, also fully comprehended several times before, and everything becomes about the means of producing intellectual work, venues of knowledge, discovery, etc. and complexities to think about. For an analogy, the high IQ person is an adult in his or her 30's who is locked in a playroom full of children's toys, and is forced to wear clothes, and live in society. "Wise behavior" is not mentally engaging, they want to do the intensive brain stuff because their brain is primed to release such a huge propensity for mental expression.

Naturally IQs that are the result of more developed encephalon are rare enough. In the 1920's, extreme and pure cerebrals were rare, according to Elsie Lincoln Benedict from Harvard University. So they only would be able to reproduce in our age of modern medicine, physical convenience and public safety, where their relatively weak sub-encephalous structure is less of a problem, allowing them to thrive and reproduce, so because of the rarity of people of IQ, there is not much to say.

How many brilliant, short, slight-bodied people with healthy, but large craniums and neotenous features exist these days? Almost none. We always select the tall men, and we fall for a pretty face in a woman, everything else is secondary to the emotions. We pick the people who give us our special treatment, who treat us like celebrities and we pick those who are available, inseperably. There is nothing to be said about high IQ because it's little understood for its rarity and all of us are strongly equal in innate mental capacity. Some of us have more organic quality, with bigger passion, better circumstance, better information, more resources, better communities and more upwards tendency but that's really it, we're all very similar with little mental variation in natural capacity for cognition. We excel at what strikes us as a good time, also what precisely compliments our capacity and that explains most of our achievements.

Now, let's go on to wisdom. Wisdom is defined as knowing better, acting and thinking maturely, for a better absolute good. The wise thing is the more adult thing, irrespective of socially suggested concepts of what that is.

When wisdom is relatively , a person may end up not doing most of what other people do, because people are often highly insulting and disrespectful to their environment, and others. People who are unwise are rarely kind, constructive, etc. and never mature past the stage where they make verbal or physical attacks, and never leave negativity behind. They are a subspecies which is allowed to flourish in environments and normative human societies where physicality and viscerality are all that are needed to defend, capitulate and attain in existence.

Wise people are tucked away, silent, and are laughing while sipping their 100% alkaline water in their already paid for homes, while everyone else is putting themselves in the furnace, running on a treadmill towards some semblance of exterior satisfaction. They are those old people with 50 year marriages, and six-pack abs laughing at these young folk who are constantly switching cars, knocking back beers, breathing in household cleaning chemicals while wiping stuff, and generally just being capricious. Wise people are necessarily the opposite of capricious, but they needn't be purely intelligent beings. They have the potent, cunning intelligence of being wise, which yields a lot. Wise people are necessarily fluent in life philosophy and a sufficient amount of brain power is needed to attain that, so we may pick to value IQ over wisdom, or the other way around, but all we're doing is ignoring two evident things about our reality which help us understand that reailty more, so we know how to insert ourselves in the world to our best benefit, and just to what is better overall.


some context may help. certainly people with a high iq, believe in gods, they are smart enough to make better excuses as to why they have irrational beliefs. while a person with a lower iq than that person, uses critical thinking and understands the types of evidence needed to validate or negate such god claims. much the same with people with a phd, verses someone self educated. its how knowledge is used that makes a person wise. not the level of iq, or the degree on your wall. so in these context i agree.

Um I believe there is a phrase here that says a person with lower IQ uses critical thinking and understands the type of evidence needed to validate or negate such god claims.

Why is this the case? I am confused, shouldn't critical thinking receive an increase from IQ?

one would think, but look at the 15% of hard scientist that retain some form of god belief. they work in a field where critical thinking is expected and used . yet are guilty of cognitive bias when it comes to believing in gods. does this cognitive bias lower their iq?


Is is possible to have wisdom with a low I.Q.? I do not wish to get into a debate about what I.Q. does or does not actually represent or has become the default measure of intelligence in our society in any event.

It seems to me that a certain level of I.Q. is necessary to be smart enough to determine if something is "wise" or not.

Thinking about it, it occurs to me that a person's ability to make wise determinations/decisions would also be dependent upon the quality of their experiences and education (simulated rather than actual experiences).

That would be some spiritual stuff if you had wisdom before you have had a chance to learn anything. ?...reminds me of those stories about ppl waking up from a comma speaking latin..


For those who'd like to learn more about this topic I highly recommend Seeking Wisdom by Peter Bevelin.


Look this up and respond to what I am about to tell you. The IQ test which I believe to be the Stanford Binet of Question. Alfred Binet who invented the test was to calculate Mental Retardation and nothing else. Scope or Fact Check it and then wipe your self with it because its true There is no testing ever available that measures genius.
Any testing of any kind is racially, bigoted, misogynist deferments invented by the wealthy to exclude everyone of race color or economic disadvantage off the page.

Ever sense we invented the measurement of time there has always been a measurement for everything. The details might be lacking but after we understood aging; the limit for things fell into a space for measurement.
The only thing holding anyone back is bad dna. I myself have a lot of it. Which is the most limiting feature when it comes to understanding.
Do I detect a hint of anger at testing? I know i'm not the brightest bulb but wouldn't you want to hire the best electrician to wire your house. Do you not fact check things to see what is better? Tests are necessary. Awards and such are things we need to see so we know we are limited to what we are and we don't have idiots running around thinking they are gods.
Sorry. I don't need to look that up. Its not what you understood that I meant it to be. I too misunderstand things when i'm not from the other persons state... or background... what ever else 😛 in your understanding iq is the measure of how mentally slow or rather ….. there threshold for understand is.... so when ppl say iq .. that's what you understand as low iq? This sorta feels like the messed up Christian bibble. was satan really the good guy or is god.... hows this getting flip flopped....history.... ah yes history. When I think about history I picture tons of wires that have gotten knotted up but when you try to find the ends theres only 2 and not what looks like could be million more. Just point a to b. but all everyone sees is the middle... all the cluster of twists messed up together...


People with high IQs are often socially clueless..not as much from ignorance, but from lack of interest.
They're mostly too busy pursuing their obsessions, making inventions, directing movies, writing books, etc., to care much about social niceties.
Many of them are downright rude, crude, and lewd-not nice people to interact with socially.

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