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Ever been to Indonesia? Last time there was in the early 1990's. I remember the piles of plastic bags, on some islands a metre high washed off from the beaches.

Finally we're banning plastic bags in OZ we're not the first. Many European countries have. Hope the rest of the world follows.

jules4169 6 June 24

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I generally use the cloth bags. They hold more than the puny plastic ones.


I do not like plastic, around here they will ask you in some stores if you want paper or plastic. When they do I always ask for the paper bags.


Spent almost 3 weeks in Vietnam six or seven years ago. Close as I got. Did not happen to see pollution there, although my exposure to coastline was basically Ha Long Bay, which I suspect they make an effort to clean up.


Was in Japan, Hongkong, Thailand, Philipines, several others Those were rather littered places Japan Sasabo and Yokosuka the water was so dirty if you fell in you were going to Captain's mast for harming government property. The buildings were dingy with soot. In Singapore, it was rather clean there.

azzow2 Level 9 June 24, 2018

When you throw something away.

Where do you imagine Away is.?


i was in Jakarta 4 years ago and it was full of garbage and broken buildings.


Since hemp, and/or any waste plant material, can make biodegradable plastic that sea animals can actually safely eat, this is a Big Oil, Oligarchy problem. VOTE the GOP OUT.


Long overdue !

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