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If Jesus were alive, he would be on Jerry Springer.

Herb43 3 June 24

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And I said,

"Why me?"

And the Voice said:

"Because you're on television, dummy! You have 40 million Americans listening to you and after the show you could have 50 million. For Pete's sake, I'm not asking you to walk the land in sackcloth and ashes preaching the Armageddon. You're on TV, man."

So I thought about it for a moment, and then I said, "Ok."

Howard Beale "Network" 1976


Just nonstop paternity tests since everyone is claiming to be his child....


If Jesus ever returns they will crucify him again. The religious leaders don't want him to mess up their business.


he would be jerry Springer

Marine Level 8 June 24, 2018

Possibly, or
Judge Jesus
Late night with Jesus O' Christ
Jesus Jesse Raphael/Gabriel/ Uriel


Would hope he was in the nut house for delusional behavior.

azzow2 Level 9 June 24, 2018

If Jesus were alive, the government would be calling him a liberal lefty loon, Fox would be calling him a dangerous extremist democrat, the churches and other religions would be calling him a fake, he would likely be in jail for insurrection and hate speech, feminists would be saying he was the wrong sex and had always been a woman if you read the bible in a certain way, and if it had not been done already some one would be trying to assassinate him.

Yes, but to do his assassination right a group of men would have to chase him down and nail him to a cross.

Probably unless you want the next generation of Christians walking about with little silver assault riffles hanging about their necks.


If he existed at all, you mean.

True, I'm not sure that is firmly established that he existed. There was no mention of him until some 35 years after the date of his death. Having said that, he probably existed, and was used to make moral points in stories establishing same.

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