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I went to a graduation this week at the girl's program where I used to teach. One of the girls who had overcome much adversity to obtain her high school diploma gave a little talk. She began by thanking God. I always cringe when I hear that. I want to go up and shake her and say that God had nothing to do with it--you did it on your own! Maybe her belief in God helped her, but still. My opinion.

mikej75 5 June 24

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Agreed. I also cringe whenever I hear that. My favorites (not) is when any person (usually on TV) thanks god after surviving a catastrophic (that may or may not have killed others) event that didn't quite manage to kill them.


Very frustratimg, I'm sure, and very understandable.


That's the beauty of belief in an imaginary friend, it works no matter what happens.


I feel you man! People thanking ‘god’ even for the most little stuff, and I’m just like “which god” there’s about 3,200 that to me are fictional.


The crutch that solved the proble in some cases whatever works to solve the problem.

azzow2 Level 9 June 24, 2018

Talk about talking in circles ? LOL

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