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I'm really happy that there are bath and shower products for men but, honestly... I don't need shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste, mouthwash and hair sculpting cream all in one bottle. I can buy separate products. Really.

Duke 8 June 24

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wow...sculptingpooditionermolarsoapsealer gel.

Now that's a mouth full. 😀

@Betty well it comes in a drum, so there's plenty of room to write on it.


Nah...I'm down with combining as many products as I can. If I could get that one product that did all those things life would be sweet.......😀 It would be even better if it healed cuts, abrasions and razor burns too! (brb)

And also a tasty condiment

@BagelPants Absolutely...... 😀

You can get pretty close with baking soda and vinegar. ?

@GinaMaria Right..... with a touch of aloe vera and coconut oil 😀


Prove it.

You look nice, can we talk?

@atthings Thank you for the compliment. I am only here for community.

Plus, looks can be deceiving.


Ha, ha, ha. Dr. Brommers! Yeah it says you can use it as toothpaste but I wouldn't!

@AmiSue I couldn't even read the fine print without a magnifying glass.


Toothpaste and sculpting cream let alone shampoo and mouthwash in the same bottle doesn't sound very appealing. Don't know where you buy your products but I would avoid that store. 😉

Betty Level 7 June 24, 2018

Me too...


I thought men liked it simple. It is the gals that pay the pretty penny for a plethora of products that really don't do much.

Ya,and possessing every shade of lipstick known to Man too!


Why didn't they add the water to rinse with? :/


That's what all the shelves in the shower are for...all the products...



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