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Should we create a lexicon for words that can replace common expressions like OMG, with a non-believer appropriate word? Another word like divine. Expressions like gods hand, god's grace,etc. Just thinking.

Srijith 7 Dec 30

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If you don't believe, they are just word's, God's grace is the equivalent of Fod's grace.

Oh my fod.


OMG can also be oh my goodness.


The problem with "goodness" is that it's just a substitute for god, for those who shalt not take the lord's name in vain. So it's really the same thing. I like WTF, it works for almost everything.

...and goodness is a euphemism for...?

And there is always "Christ on a cracker."


I think that using these originally religious expressions in everyday nonreligious speech can make those words sound less sacred and more common and will therefore help people realize that religion is no big deal and not something to be revered.

Thank you for the reply


What conceivable purpose would that serve?

Let's say we can stop the sub conscious propagation of religion and god.

I'm a big fan of the idea that the words you use can shape the person you are. But that works only for the individual, not others. There could be some effect on the others because of the image we project, but I wouldn't hold out too much hope for that.

@evidentialist - The principle of linguistic relativity holds that the structure of a language affects its speakers' world view or cognition. Popularly known as the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis, or Whorfianism,.

@GoldenDoll -- I was, of course, aware of the Sapir -- Whorf hypothesis when I formulated my response and was indeed remiss in not expounding a bit upon it. Thank you for bringing this omission to my attention and I present for anyone who would care to know more about the Whorfianism concept, an article from The Primer Project:



Real bible thumpers don't like "OMG" ALL.

Thanks for your comment


I think OMG and goddamnit are nonbeliever-appropriate words. See how the christians react to goddamnit. This is a staple of my vocabulary - my father was a career army officer. He constantly used goddamnit and hell (but never any other curse word - at least not in front of his children). And he was a devout Episcopalian. GD is simply an expression - an everyday word in the military.

My favorite is Jesus f***ing christ. I seldom say it unless I want to get a rise out of a fundie.

!!!! LOVE !!!! ^^^^

You'll take my OMG out of my cold dead hands ya will! Pfffft 😀

@Qualia ok there's the original reply I was going for to OP...

That's cool


Oh what's that?
Oh shit!
Oh with lots of things u can say without god word

Thanks for your reply


While I'm sure you can find some very entertaining and creative replacements for such thing I'd suggest spending your time on more worthwhile pursuits. It's just my opinion. This could be for you a very worthwhile pursuit.

SamL Level 7 Dec 30, 2017

Thank you you for your opinion

I think it's totally worthwhile to have lots of alternatives up your sleeve when confronted with a religiot.


Um... No! Why would we? That sounds an awful lot to me like the same mentality that leads to banning books. Censorship is always ugly, no matter who does it.

Thanks for the reply.

It's not censorship, just provdiing alternatives. Nobody's saying you can't say OMG - especially in moments of exceptional pleasure......

@GoldenDoll: Actually, that's EXACTLY what's being said. And now you're suggesting that there's a "time" that I can say it as well.

@Benthoven - sorry benthoven but it's not ALWAYS about you!

@GoldenDoll: It's about the ability to speak freely, without ideologues telling us what we're allowed to say.


I have my own vocabulary, as each of us does. All humans cherry-pick the vocabulary that suits us. As long as Jesus fucking Christ and Holy fuck don't go away, I'm fine.

Goat Level 5 Jan 22, 2018

My mother used to say:

God 's in His heaven—
All 's right with the world!

From Robert Browning ( It sounds lovely, but Browning meant it ironically. For example, she said it quite often in the 60s; the assassinations, Nixon being elected, etc. She told me many years later that what she really wanted to say was, "Well, we are really fucked now." But of course, one doesn't say that in front of the children (until they are adults).


I feel the vernacular has to evolve naturally with the society. Give it a few hundred years.

Thanks for the reply


Good idea, @Srijith. Should we expect it soon?

Ha ha... But, I leave that to experts like you. Being the author, you have your ways with words which I can not even dream of.


As long as we leave "God Damn It" alone.

Thank you for the reply.


We still use jargon from old times that's now meaningless except for its use. OMG will take its course. There will come a time when you'll tell your children, chuckling, "did you know that it once meant ...?" Plenty of times we can say 'nature's hand,' etc. There's no 'Mother' and the universe doesn't/can't care. Nature takes care of things the same random way it always has.

Thank you. Let's hope it's true.


I think OMG is an appropriate expression as to me I say it when something is unbelievable or extraordinary.

Choice is and has to be always yours. Thank you for the reply.


I have mostly removed these expressions from my vocabulary, but I would suggest replacing any divine reference with Darwin. I had tried to replace "god bless you" and "godspeed" with "live long and prosper", but that didn't last. Well reminded though, I have to get back to that.

Please do share if you find any new expressions. Thank you.

So many expressions have superstitious roots. Farewell is good. Faring well is a good blessing for anyone.

@GoldenMean exactly.


OMS? OMScience? Oooook, catch up..."oh my science"?


Thank you for a nice addition..

I'm actually going to try OMS verbally...just catch myself at "oh m..." and then "mantra" it "mmmmmm" as needed to...assess the situation. will also mean for me "oh my sprit-uality"...just don't tell the fundie atheists.

I use wow a lot. It's good.

@GoldenMean wow...


Not a bad idea. I still use OMG-but maybe I'll start using WTF.

Thank you. Oh my goodness is also an option. Ha ha

how about oh my fucking god? OMFG....or the one I like the best oh my cocksucking god?

@CeciRosane60 ha ha..


Nah. Everybody already understands the generic meaning of those phrases.

skado Level 8 Dec 30, 2017

Thanks for the reply


My daughter and I use "Oh my Darwin" - the more you say it, the more it increases my happiness.


I have been known to scream OH MY GOD when something is unbelievable. And more often when something is unbelievably good...............................


I have replaced for years OMG with OMGodless or OMGless


insert wat lady meme goes here /image reply missing

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