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Socialists blame outsiders for their problems, it's a crime to speak the truth, sound familiar?


Beach_slim 7 June 25

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If you honestly think individuals exist in some sort if vacuum where the only factor in their success or failure is their "work ethic" you're far less intelligent than I'd given you credit for and I didn't think you were that bright to begin with. Disappointing, Slim.


If socialism is to blame for the fall of Venezuela, then who is to blame for the unregulated plutocratic fascism which has left Somalia without a functioning government and lead to the rise of privateer pirates within their ocean territories?


I think you just proved my point.

You blame anarchism, which is absolutely correct because there is no governmental regulatory system in Somalia to keep the spread of unregulated privateering in check.

You also blame the lack of an economic system. This is correct as well. Somalia has collapsed in to a primative system of economics run at the point of a gun. Whomever kills all of their competition has 100% control over the economy. At least until somebody else with a bigger gun shows up. There is no stability. No centralized governmental system which allows commerce to flow smoothly.

What do you mean there are no historical examples of unregulated capitalism? I just gave you one.


Or... unfettered, unregulated and unpoliced privateers become the thug you speak of who steals from the working class in order to help nobody but themselves. Which is exactly what we see happening to the extreme in Somalia.

Government is indeed responsible for protecting the citizens from initiatory force as you say. Part of this duty encompasses creating a level social and economic playing field where each individual may succeed or fail based upon their own merits. It is responsible for ensuring that those who are willing to work hard and play by the rules (the working class) are not abused and receive adequate compensation for their toil. By doing so, the government averts eventual uprising by the populace against autocricy.


Familiar to me because this is the direction we are heading if we don't change some things and do it fast.

@Beach_slim I am a liberal on the site. More of a Democratic Socialist and certainly not with the GOP. I will never alley with the GOP again, ever.

@Beach_slim OK, what's the point? Sweden is also socialist.

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