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Let's face it: Nobody can love every single thing about people and we all have deal breakers when it comes to dating. Some deal breakers aren't SO bad and probably pretty realistic, right? Crazy, fairly normal or weird, what is YOUR deal breaker?

Ryksie 6 June 26

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Lying, cheating, needing more than 1 woman, non communicative, name calling, degrading other people to make yourself feel better about yourself


If your someone who complains all the time or nothing is ever cool you gotta find flaws. We aren't gonna get along. If she lives on her phone.


I could never, ever, EVER date a Trump supporter. Even a moderate conservative would be a stretch for me, frankly. What would end a relationship for me? Sexual/romantic infidelity. I would rather you just leave than sleep with someone else.


If she likes me, then I know something is off about her. No deal!


Animal hater
Animal hunter

Hermit Level 7 June 26, 2018

alcoholic/drug addict
cigarette smoker
bad teeth/hygiene
control freak


narcissist, egocentric, selfish, rude, lack of manners and quiet. (oh and facial hair)!

Lukian Level 8 June 26, 2018

Anything that makes you a truly deplorable human being. generally if your a nice person we can work on it. if your just an asshole tho... lol


Socks in bed...instant mood breaker...

Sometimes you need them cause the elastic on sweatpants gets alll stretchy around the ankles. You can stuff the baggy ankles of the sweats right into a pair of white socks, easy.

@weelittleone sweet...but...uh...not sure how certain adult activities are managed with both sweats and socks

@thinktwice eventually, everything has to come off, in the course of said activities


Tobacco use. Having or wanting children. Inability to understand geekdom.


Person hygiene. Sexual fidelity.


Lack of a sense of humor. Gloom and doom types kill me!

@EmbracingTheVoid as long as it makes me laugh Anything Goes!


Substance abuse. Horrible teeth. No sense of humor.


Erratic emotions and neediness.


Judginess. Elitism. Controlling behaviours.

I was keeping it superficial, because I would hope good character would count for all of us! But good turnoffs, especially the controlling behaviors. RUN!


I despise chewing gum of any sort and cannot bear to be around it. There's your weird deal breaker. You gotta not chew gum in my presence or have it on your person, or it's just not going to work out between us. Normal would be heavy smoker or a lot of facial hair. The occasional cigar or pipe is ok. Just not attracted to cigarette smoke smell or Duck Dynasty beards. We could still be friends, though. 🙂


Poor hygiene

Leo716 Level 6 June 26, 2018
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