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Better hurry! There are only 25 more shopping weeks to Christmas.

Petter 9 June 28

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oh please. humbug, let us enjoy the summer before you depress me with that crap time of year


😀 fuck that!



Or as J.D. aka John Dorian would put it:


Thank you for reminding me. I could have so easily forgotten.


I actually have started Christmas shopping! Oldest daughter had a baby 6 weeks or so ago. Last Thursday when I saw her she says, "do you remember Monkey Baby?" Well, yes I do. She tells me she wants me to find one for her son for Christmas. Monkey Baby was a stuffed monkey that had a pacifier. All the girls loved Monkey Baby. So, Queen of Google that I am I did my research and found Monkey Baby and it arrived yesterday. This is a Dakin stuffed toy that was made in 1985 and then discontinued. What we can accomplish with the internet!

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