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I don't think its "guvment coming to get our guns" that the right-wing paranoids need to fear anymore. The incident in Maryland today is gonna get EVERY journalist in the USA up the butt of EVERY whack job with unhindered access to a firearm! And something tells me that THOSE "sources" are NOT going to be given the "privilege" that journalists give to news giving sources!

Imatheistically 7 June 28

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This scare goes on every so often I would sware that several congresspeople have stock options in some of the firearms dealer. Causing panic caused people to increase their ammo and weapons purchases. Making the stock climb. If I knew which one I would jump on it.

azzow2 Level 9 June 29, 2018

they always jump to some extreme . nobody on the left is looking to ban and take all guns, but the gop and the gun nuts are easy to trigger< pun intended. they do this to avoid the obvious need to regulate guns like we regulate drivers of cars. and why we don't let people drive tanks and other types of military type vehicles on our streets. they don't need assault weapons. any more than they need a tank .


Not a safe country to live in right now.

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