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Is there anyone who has ever had an encounter with an animal and felt like you have known this life (being, entity, energy) before....somehow, in some familiar but unknown way?

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CaliDude 3 June 29

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My dog has a human soul I swear 🙂 He exudes so much love its hard not to absorb it and soak it all in. People have commented that they've never seen a dog so in love with its owner before...its mutual. 11 years my baby. He's adorable and looks like an Ewok.


Nope. Just not open to that kind of experience maybe? I do love animals and get along very well with dogs, cats and horses, but I've never noticed any mystical connection with any being, and my worldview doesn't move me to expect one.


Back in 1975, when I just starting out as field archaeologist, it was the time of Carlos Castenada (if you know who he is, your old like me). We were working in the field on the Gila River near Kearney / Winkelman. We were all steeped in Don Juan (and mescal) and constantly on the look out for animal familiars out of the corner of our eyes. The only animal that I kept running across were coyotes. So I became known on that job anyway, as the coyote kid. Lol.
Coyote has a very different meaning today unfotunstely.

t1nick Level 8 June 29, 2018

I had a cat I rescued as a kitten who had FIV (kitty AIDS), neurological problems, and was deaf. That cat was my soul mate and was with me through thick and thin and left this world when he knew I was ok. Doubt that will ever happen again!


Maybe, but it's probably just wishful thinking. With me it is probably just more of being in tune with another animal. I feel connected and peaceful with some animals when I'm near them.


Yes, once I was hiking through an open field and there was a herd of horses. I have not been around horses much. In the herd was a mule and I just walked up to it and felt such a connection to this animal that I thought that I could just get on it's back and ride away. I do not ride horses but that day i could have.


I seem to have a knack with animals they seem to take to me. One of my cats looks at me sideways sometimes when she was little I had given her a shower because she was full of poop. I do have one rather ornery rooster. I keep telling him if he misbehaves he is going to get an invitation to dinner.

azzow2 Level 9 June 29, 2018

I feel the same way with most gentle animals I have met. However, one of my exes cats HATES me from the moment I met her. Her other cat that passed years ago loved me. Every time I came over she would arch her back while walking past me and rub on my leg, and then would hop up on me and lay on me and then kneed my stomach or lap with her paws. This other cat has come at me and tried to scratch the shit out of me on the few occasions I have been near her. She's the only animal that has ever done that to me. All dogs seem to love me too.

@Piece2YourPuzzle Think cats hold stuff against you for a long time.


Not with an animal but with a person.

I, also


Our German Shepherd,
One of our (now deceased) black cats.

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