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Why does society have double standards for women who like sex?

Cabsmom 8 June 29

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Yes, but less so than years ago. I know some older women who've never had an orgasm and don't like to talk about it.


Where are they I need one have been living the life of a monk for the last 5 years? Women that like sex is more experienced know how to do it better and can and do show their partners how to have a better experience. The double standard rule in my book is B.S.

azzow2 Level 9 June 30, 2018

@sarahjustme I could never have someone without a brain. Sex is important to a healthy relationship however communication on an intellectual level is more important.


Quite often it is other women who seem to do the slut naming. Could be they wish they had a bit more themselves!


That is not the only thing that has double standards when it comes to either men or women.

that was my answer as well. not to mention the double standards we see between cultures and ethnic back rounds, commonly called race.


I despise people who call women sluts..or any derogatory term for seeking out and enjoying sex.
It's so incredibly illogical and ridiculous.

It actually is the worst type of negative peer pressure that gets passed down. Women must be constantly policing their thoughts and natural desires..always second guessing themselves...

My outlook is I love a women that behave like a lady downstairs and a whore in the bedroom.

That quote may sound crass but it's true..its pointless living in a liberal society without enjoying the benefits of a liberated and enthusiastic mind.

Ya.... What this guy said.


Actually as I pointed out that was a quote..often repeated and reinforced by multitudes of well known is a woman's statement not mine...but I can see what they mean.

So in answer to your contention about who is choice it is...well it doesn't make any sense..sorry.


What do you think makes a perfect wife – or husband? Did Jerry Hall get it right when she quoted her mother as saying "to keep a man, you must be a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom"?


Are there women who like sex? Why aren't any of the women I meet ever like that? Hey, wait. Is there something someone isn't telling me?

You're just spending too much time the wrong countries. A good rule of thumb is to not waste your time trying to meet women in countries where christianity or islam have their thumb firmly implanted on the cultural norms. Too many people have been tainted by major hang ups and deep seeded guilt over sex whether they identify as christian or islamic or not. Go to places where this is not the norm in order to meet women who like men and enjoy sex and aren't a damn bit ashamed to admit it.


I wonder how much money the people who run those tours make. Those things are a complete rip off.

All someone has to do is find some guys who go to Thailand regularly to meet women and hang out with them.

Hell, if I ever have the money to go back to Thailand, I'll hang out with any newbies who are willing to pay their own airfare, hotel, food and drinks and entertainment expenses. And I'll do it for free. Ok.... maybe buying a shot or two of Sang Som Rum now and again would be nice.

@NoMorals , oh yeah, well I found out you misspelled your hometown. There's no Denial, Washington. It's spelled Denzel. Ha! You're so smart and you can't even spell your hometown.

@NoMorals ...not sure what is your problem but I'm smelling a grudge-baiting, Trump loving kind of a guy who is too dumb to recognize a joke if it sidled up to him and crushed his trachea. Have I touched any nerves?


I think more the double standard is for people who flaunt that they like it or want it. There are tons of girls that are blatantly posting sexual content on social media and then get upset when they get called out on it. Guys do it as well but I try not to associate with either of them. It's kind of like posting you like taking poops. Sure some people do enjoy them, many do in fact, but I don't think its something that the whole world needs to know about.

@NoMorals lol whatever helps you sleep well at night.


Because insecure, sexually repressed men who are easily intimidated by women have run society for too damn long.


Not me. I prefer women who like men and enjoy sex. I have no interest in dating virgins who are saving themselves for what ever.

If a woman doesn't consider a fulfilling sex life to hold a significant place in her daily routine along side family and career advancement, I really have little interest in establishing any kind of relationship with her.


Society is stupid. Lol. Really though. Shouldn't women that enjoy sex be celebrated?

They should be enjoyed too.


so those that don't allow for sex and fun don't feel guilty.


It is a religious thing. Most everyone likes sex else we would not partake !

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