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Its no longer a choice we all have to vote we are in crisis and about to become a dictatorship

whiskywoman 8 June 30

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71,000,000 did not vote in'16 & here we are. Putin's slow coup d'etat is succeeding and the cultists just can't see it.

agreed and we have to get out and vote now


I believe the gerrymandering will make any real change impossible but I'll certainly vote.

it will hinder for sure and they are purging rolls and doing every dirty trick in the book but we can still win

@whiskywoman If you haven't voted in the past two Presidential elections you should be taken off the rolls...

@NormCastle no I think we need to get registered when born like SS number and its good for life


everybody should have been voting all along

btroje Level 9 June 30, 2018

You're overreacting.
We're all being bombarded by way to much news supporting different sides.
But by all means, vote! It's our duty as citizens.

no im not he pushes further and further daily eroding everything I thought we were



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