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Living in the bible belt is especially hard on us. Church on every corner. I am looked upon as weird because I am not religious. Christianity has been shoved down my throat. I get so frustrated hearing religious politicians talking about their god. Trump this and Trump that on the news continously.

Lady-DebianLinux 6 June 30

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We live in a different world now, for sure. In Chattanooga, where I live we used to joke about the number of bars being about the same as the number of churches. The number of churches has been shrinking! I want to buy one.


I can sympathize. The most recent eye-roller being the political advertisement by Diane Black for saying something like "Because of my experience as a nurse and my Christian upbringing - I will do what I KNOW is right" - like being right is dependent on those two qualifications. smh Best reason I can get to "not" vote for her.

She’s an opportunistic politician, a chameleon, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, etc. Why would you vote for her?


in OKC it seems like there is a church every 1000 feet. On SW 55th and Blackwelder there is a HUGE Baptist church with a dozen buses and a huge congregation (SW Baptist church). Across the street from it? Another Baptist church (Trinity Free Will Baptist). 2 blocks away? Hillcrest Baptist Church. 2 blocks south of there? The Korean Baptist church. 2 blocks north of there? S. Penn Jesus Christo Baptist church. 3 blocks NW of there? SW 44th Baptist church. This is just right around my house.


Look around, I'll bet there are some Freethinkers around. I also live in TN, originally from NY. We are fortunate to of found a bunch of humanists, pagans, atheists and agnostics is various places around our rural area. Maybe try checking out progressive groups, environmental groups, book clubs, places where thinkers are. Good Luck!


Hmm..I'd comment but you haven't yet written your profile so I don't know enough about you.

But it sounds dreadful.

What is it that you are wanting to know about me? I may be able to answer. Apologies for lack of a better profile.

@Lady-DebianLinux I always check profiles before I answer a question, to see where the person is coming from. In your case how do I know what you like to do, or whether you'd prefer to live somewhere else. You could be a college student or a grandmother, or even someone living at home in a wheelchair, so I don't know whether or not you'd consider moving.

Nobody likes to ask lists of questions of everyone; it's much easier to just glance at a profile. That's why the website gives points for profiles and for people posting their photos, to encourage people to do so.

@birdingnut I am not here to acquire points. I am here to mingle with fellow infidels. I am a private individual and I don’t throw out a lot of info for people to read. If I posted info on my profile it doesn’t mean it would be truthful anyway. You could be a married man in a wheelchair who went to college with no plans to move out of the area.

@Lady-DebianLinux LOL! I put enough info that I actually could be googled.


That's some rough shit. Sorry to hear that. It's moving elsewhere an option at all?

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