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When you are young, life feels like a race – I can’t wait to go to school, I can’t wait to go home, I can’t wait for summer vacation, I can’t to see my friends again and go back, I can’t wait to go to the next grade, I can’t wait for graduation, I can’t wait till I can drive; till I am 18. We want life to move faster and faster. But as an adult, all I want is to slow down

DangilEEAC 4 July 1

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Its all perspective. When you are young there are many things you haven't tried yet, so basically everything is new and exciting. When you are older most of your experiences you have done many times over and you are no longer excited by them. I recommend traveling and going to new places. Your youthful joy will come back.


As an adult... I can't wait for Friday


Every year seems to pass by more quickly than the last.

When you're in your 20's and 30's, you should always be in a hurry to drink in the good things in life. That window of time passes you by more quickly than you'll ever understand until you wake up one day to realize you're turning 50.

Travel the world. Find people to make love with, often and passionately (use protection, of course). Dance without abandon if that's your cup of tea. Learn something new every day.

Do these things because as you grow older you will slow down, but time will not. Most likely you have one shot at this thing called life. Live it to its fullest.

0 that I am older I wish to slow the passage of time.


I've slowed down so much that sometimes you would think I have abandoned a project. I just finished a shower door that I've worked on for a month. (I have 2 showers.)

Then there is my ever ongoing thing with Microsoft Windows. I use these programs to be able to do what I WANT to do. With Windows 10 it doesn't work that way. They want to show you who is boss, spy, and control your every move. They destroyed my programs once. VERY SLOWLY now I have come back, silenced Cortana, made Edge open any browser window, and knocked the crap out of Defender which only defended them in the first place. The secret here is to find other programs that can take over and tame the beast for you. 🙂 You Tube has some good videos on this subject.


I can't wait to die !


Fear not! In about 20 years you will find you are slowing down even more than you want to! And in 40 years you will be complaining you are too slowed down so much that it's uncomfortable to be around those energetic wild young people in their twenties, like you, for too long. 🙂

You were always free to slow down and be more mindful and self-aware, but it takes time and life experience to evolve and be mature and to be the person you choose to be.


Yup. True.

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I think there's a tipping point in our appreciation of life when we realize on some deep level that we're not immortal or indestructible. Much of life--including the time over which it transpires--becomes more treasured when it's recognized as finite. If we're lucky or enlightened, anyway...


I have noticed if I live in the moment it seems to slow down. Stop thinking and pondering about what has been or what may happen and the time will not matter.


It can take a while to understand that living in the moment brings us the most joy.

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