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I see London. I see France. Google Earth is awesome.

Duke 8 July 1

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I'm a fan of Google Earth.


i dig the street view.

@AmiSue what you expect him to walk all that way?

@AmiSue When I use street view at my house my garage door is up and my former renter/roommate is in the garage. He's been gone almost 2 years. I don't mind the picture of him, I am still a FB friend and he was on this site for a few weeks, but he moved out and on, and I don't need a reminder.

@AmiSue ah....i bet.... there's nothing like clueless neighbors. lol


I have enjoyed touring areas I used to live and checking out changes. Some have been "now why the hell did they do that", and others are "why didn't I think of that." And a couple are "I'm so glad I no longer live there!" All from the comfort of home.

The funniest was seeing my vehicles two years after they had moved 1400 kilometres away.

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