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Drink yourself a glass of red wine.???

Sheannutt 9 July 1

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To quote Billy Joel: "a bottle of red, a bottle of white, whatever kind of mood you're in tonight..."


I wish I could.


All of this is not true. Red wine disrupts my sleep unfortunately.


I'm down!


I prefer whiskey...

I got really sick off whiskey one time and I haven't touched it since.

@Sheannutt Understandable....I never thought I would get into it, but a friend got me started earlier this year, and I haven't looked back.


And get a headache.... yep... I'm a whimp according to me wifie.

I've never gotten a headache with wine but I am a lightweight it makes me sleepy.


Challenge accepted!


Thank you.

Tomas Level 7 July 1, 2018

You're welcome cheers


Would be great if I could only stand the stuff.

I can't stand beer. LOL

@Sheannutt I guess we'll have to agree to disagree, lol

@nvrnuff many choices, in wines and in beers ? ?


I guess us white wine lovers will just have to suffer.

I love white wine as well but right now I have red.

@Sheannutt I prefer sweeter wines (Riesling, Muscat, Gewurztraminer) but do enjoy some of the Italian reds. I was stationed in Turkey and some of their and Greek reds are sweet. Just bought a sweet Greek red but haven't opened it yet.

@JackPedigo my favorite red wine is made down in Arizona it's called Sweet Lucy.


My dad who retire as an R&D chemist has told me that red wine has a lot of resigns in it and can trigger a migraine as well as cause worse hangovers. I do not drink anymore being the responsible single parent. So I will never know the answer.


It has worked very well for me. And no hangovers even when I overdo it.


Sounds great to me.

Me too I think I'm going to go have a glass.


No wine for me, thank you! I prefer watter or fresh.


And this information came from? My immediate guess would be, the red wine industry.

Astute, as always.

@bigpawbullets That is what skepticism will do to you.

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