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There Must Be Complete Severance Between Church and State

sassygirl3869 9 July 3

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Unless you are a republican that cannot read the Constitution that they always swear they are protecting.


Here, here?????


And he was a REPUBLICAN!!!


Our constitution says separate church and state. The nazi party of R wants more religion in the state. NO! NO! NO!


tell that to the evangelicals....too dumb to understand SEVERANCE...that means separate, or leave religion in your church, no the state house..


He also said.

Coldo Level 8 July 3, 2018

As long as the majority of the US population stays (for the most part) christian, politicians will continue pandering to them whether they themselves are believers or not.

Look at what we have in office now, with all the creepy shit he's done he still got the evangelical votes for cryin' out loud.


Would like to see this happen unfortunately the possibility are slim to none. A lot of the laws are Anglo Saxon and very deeply embed into the constitution.

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