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As I sit on my Chesterfield armchair in an Australian winter with my Islay single malt and watch the blazing fire - the flames dancing before my eyes, like eternal sirens to which I am drawn - I am wistful.

I have been thinking about the questions: is there a God? should I buy a Mustang?; will, for the love of said dubious God, Bruce Willis stop making Die Hard movies.

But there is the central question, and it's a simple one:

Why are people such total fuckwits?

Palindromeman 7 July 6

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Short version:
1: No
2: Yes
3: I think he's done.
4: It's the human condition.

Slightly longer version:
1: Hell NO
2: YES, do it. most fun car to drive I've ever owned, apart from my Silverado 4x4
3: I hope he's done. god help us otherwise
4: Basic problem, as I see it, is there are actually very few mature adults in the world to teach us children how to behave, so we all grow up just being immature little brats in older bodies.


We just can't help ourselves.


please don't buy a Mustang.

I have my MX-5 - and I am happy.

@Palindromeman nice!


Because they are.

JK666 Level 7 July 6, 2018

Bronn said it best...


because they aren't dogs?

As Porno for Pyros said - we'll make great pets.


I see you answered the question about God. A perfect God could do better than make total fuckwits.

Mostly it is because many of us imperfect Homo sapiens are more often driven by hidden emotional and psychological needs than taking the time to use our brains to learn and make better decisions. Also we do not actually have free will, so that complicates things.



One cannot know the correct answer if one does not ask the proper question. The proper question is "why are 'some' people such fucktwits?". In America, the answer is often inbreeding. I do not know the answer for Australia. I would imagine you have a lower fucktwit population. Also, you want a 79 Corvette instead of a Mustang.

Fuckwittage is a universal human trait. I have come across fuckwits around the globe. Oh yes, we breed them here too; third generation unemployed etc. You just have to find the interesting people with which you can have a martini.

But that's just me.

I love Corvettes! But, seriously dude, you can't beat Steve McQueen in a Mustang - the Fast and the Furious franchise can go fuck itself:


So what happened to make you so upset? Perhaps you should just go ahead and buy that Mustang and not worry about anything else.

It was just a general observation about humanity. But good advice re the Mustang... 🙂


Forget about the fuckwits they are everywhere it’s an epidemic! Inoculate yourself against them by having another Laphroaig....Slainte Mhath ! ?

Oh, we have another whiskey drinker here - excellent! I move from the peaty Islay single malts to the highland whiskeys - Dalwhinnie is a favourite - but in winter I go back to the Islay ones. Yes, Laphroaig; also Ardberg.

@Palindromeman A man after my own heart. It’s summer here and I’ve switched to G&T. Used to work for a distillery when I lived in Edinburgh, but we only distilled the grain for blending.

@Marionville My dear, a woman after my own heart!


Rest assured, there IS a god...entirely and only metaphorically speaking, of course. A god is anything someone worships. I like to think I am my dogs' god. I am more than their pack leader, because they clearly look to me for "magical" hands that pet just right, for mysterious human treats of taste and smell, for that magical and totally incomprehensible thing called car rides, etc. You get the idea.

@minhmeister Sorry to hear that. Condolences.

I can't remember the exact quote and by whom, but it's something like every dog treats its master like Napoleon.

Also, have you checked out Isle of Dogs? I've seen it four times already.


As for Bruce Willis you know what they say. Old habits ....Die Hard!

I'll see myself out

You is funny!!!


Human Nature?

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