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I can see the shirt in my not so distant future!

germangirl90439 8 July 6

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awesome! I will check out your posts so I can help!


Woot! That was quick. I'm so glad you're a part of this community, Connie.


yeah! keep them good morning coffee posts coming.


You're doing great. You just helped me by reminding me tags can be added, and that is something I neglect all the time.


Not long now! You go!


Good for you Connie.


I can see it on you and you look so damn good. Keep going gg


yay! GO FOR IT!

Yeah, like anchovies go for coke, with gusto !

@VAL3941 Wrong forum for that, Lovie.

Just taking a dig, don't mind me I love you anyway ? Lol

@VAL3941 I don’t mind you, lol.

@germangirl90439 Moi?

I know, thats why they either love me or hate me !

@germangirl90439 He’s just tryin’ ta get ya some more points!


MissK too !

@germangirl90439 Thanks, gg!

Seems you ladies are ganging up on me tonight ? Threesomes are good !


Yay keep up the good work you're going to be there in no time.

Faster than the wag of a ducks tail !


Keep going, here are some more points ?


It will go very fast. Post us a pic when the t-shirt arrives.

Of the Shirt or of GG or both together ?

@VAL3941 Well, whatever she likes I suppose.

Knowing GG she will put it on and start dancing in the street ! LOL

Would likd to see a video of that, not so graceylou ?


Oooh exciting

Yes it is, GG deserves it ?

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