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Uncivil Rally in Montana - By Fuhrer Trump-Attacks "Me Too" Movement and Requests DNA Test For Elizabeth Warren WTF!

By sassygirl38699
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His speeches continue to stir the nazi's

Marine Level 8 July 7, 2018

Today is a good day and I can say we live in interesting times. On my not so good days I will say the same but it causes me huge anxiety to the point I have to stop reading news sites. But I am seeing hope and I am feeling good. der Drumpf is deteriorating, I think.


It seems all the antagonism toward this insane person is causing him to lose it more and more. At some point I fear all hell will break out. This is not Germany in the 30's and he will not be able to take over without a huge fight.


How about a DNA sample from trump to see if he is homo sapien. Do not mean any disrespect against any one gay. I do not think he is human.

Just had another idea, how about tax records. Could these be used for anything? I am sure that they do not hold any information on his illegal activities. Which means he will be going to jail as soon as the shit hits the fan, Capone was jailed for tax evasion, apparently could not prove mob stuff.


I would, in turn, demand that The Donny take an IQ test and have a psychological evaluation done by independent doctors.

Paul628 Level 8 July 6, 2018

IQ tests do not work well for the mentally impaired.

3 much longer must we endure this MONSTER FROM HELL!

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