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What common misconception do you hate to hear repeated as fact?

JoshArnaldo 5 July 6

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This has been my favorite forum so far. Love the responses. We operate in a world of pure fantasy for a lot of people.


Asian women are submissive and that our female anatomy is slanted. Bullshit.


That God is dead, never existed, or is the source of all things good and evil. And they're all repeated as fact by some. LLOL


That you're evil if you choose to get an animal from a breeder. Nothing could be further from the truth when done correctly. Sign you're doing it right , you aren't just going to walk away with an animal because you filled out papers cash in hand. You will be screened.
You will be blackballed & put on DNS lists if you F-up.


Karma. Karma does not exist and I am tired of hearing it presented as a fact. I have lived too long to accept that Karma will pay some asshole back for being an asshole. It just doesn't exist.

@maturin1919 It would if it existed......

This all day.

@Qualia ????

@patchoullijulie Karma is bullshit. I've seen too many wonderful people suffer while vile disgusting POS humans go about merrily all la dee dah.

@Qualia Yes exactly. Couldn't agree more. 😕

  • That religion is a mental disorder.
  • That religions were invented by priests in order to control and oppress ordinary people.
  • That religions are per se violent or more violent than secular ideologies, and that most of the violence in history is caused by religions..

That GM crops are a danger or that GM foods are a bad thing generally.

This is self-evident for a lot of people here in Germany, especially for the "Greens", many of them holding university degrees. But in this case they prefer to ignore the science.


That I am a consistently great lover. I have my off days like everyone. I'm only human.


Socialism = Communism

I am still baffled/bewildered by those that say that Marx's work is what Communism is versus if you actually read the things he wrote.


Lately people keep sharing and resharing an idiotic meme that says if you fill your gas tank more than halfway this summer it will explode. I keep telling these idiots (i.e. old friends) that I have lived more than 50 summers with many full gas tanks with nary an explosion, and so have they, so why the hell do they believe this obvious lie? Crickets.


That the Big Bang Theory is true.

gater Level 7 July 6, 2018

I'm sorry, but the Big Bang Theory is just as proven to be true as the theory of gravity. No, it is not just a "theory". Scientific theories vary from philosophical theories. The Big Bang happened, whether anyone likes it or not. Cosmic microwave background radiation supports this and so does the expanding universe. Cosmologists can also determine the age of distant galaxies from cosmic microwave background radiation and through laws of mathematics. Do not just take my word for it, for there is much more to explain. Please, research and analyze this subject before stating that this theory is misconceived.

@maturin1919 As a already stated - it is wrong. The premise is wrong, the science is wrong. Its a joke of a theory.


That human beings only use 10% of their brains. Not true, no matter how much it seems to be true for people who believe most of the rest of the garbage in this post.


Flat earth nonsense (cuz what do astronauts know), vaccinations only make things worse or are part of a conspiracy, or complaints from the right about the left not being civil. That help, @Athena? Lolz


I hate the idea that if most people think a certain way, it must be true.


The trickle down economic canard.

Trickle down has been in effect in the US since 1981. Wages for working people have been almost stagnant since....1981. Seems like it would have worked in the almost 40 years we've been trying. What drives me nuts is that every economic study I have read claims that about 70% of the economy is driven by consumer spending. Consumer spending demand side economics. The antithesis of supply side. Money doesn't trickle down, it rockets uphill into the pockets of the rich from the poor.

I agree....when poor and middle class have money they spend it and this drives our economy. Our economy grows from DEMAND for goods and services. @schwinnrider


That the sun comes up and goes down doesn't.


Climatologists are part of a worldwide conspiracy.


That Trump is a straight talking man of the people who is going to drain the swamp and Make America Great Again. That must be why he is burning America to the ground, so it can be rebuilt from the ground up. 😉

Just like that mythical bird, that rose from the the asses, the flumux

@chalupacabre It's going to be Great, Really Great, you won't believe it, it will be so great, or bad, it could be bad, very bad but it could be great. You never know with these things but trust me, it will be Great.

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