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Well we're down to the final four in the World Cup. Who do you think will win it all? I have no idea.

myownmind 7 July 7

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Allons les Belges!


I am sure the most open last four for some time. At the end it can come down to silly mistakes or blinding brilliance and each team is capable of both.

Then penalties! The most irrational way to decide a world championship. Should be a declared a tie! If two sprinters tied would they be expected to run a best of three sprint off over 50 metres.

A final penalty shootout just means the best team in the world is the one who can best hold its nerve in front of billions of people and then execute a single kick precisely. Not exactly a demonstration of the hard training, skill and persistence that led the team to this point.

I know that's an ideal not a practicality but just wanted to vent!!!!


I don’t really care, do you?


I believe France will defeat Belgium though I'm rooting for Belgium to win that match. I think England has the better team but Croatia has enough skill to pull a victory or if the hat. I think that will be an exciting game to watch. I'm rooting for England to win.

That puts the final as France vs England and I want England to win.


England has nothing going for it at the moment as a nation. A World Cup win would be a huge morale booster. That might produce the determination to win it for them.


Does that mean it's going to be over soon?

@myownmind Yep...semifinals Tuesday /Wednesday next week. The finals will be next Sunday (15th)


Croatia and Belgium


I have no idea nor do I care at all.

May I ask you why you don't care?

@DUCHESSA I have no interest in spectator sports of any kind and do not watch any. If I enjoy doing something and can do it, I will do it, but I have no interest in watching someone else do it. To each their own of course. I hope the team you support wins.

@jlynn37 Good position.
No, my team -Argentina- was eliminado.


As much as I root for Belgium - I suspect it will be a France - England final.

Emotionally, I would like it to be Belgium then England. But suspect it is likely to be France that wins it all.

Addendum - I didn't mention Croatia. I was very glad they defeated Russia today. That said, they have played two OT games and suspect they will be fatigued in their game against England. (They were already dropping at the end of today's game.)


I was hoping Sweden was going all the way. France is really the last of the usual big teams in finals. I hope it’s Belgium vs. Croatia and Belgium wins it.

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