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Marriage: Because you need to know you've been folding a bag of chips wrong your entire life.

Duke 8 July 8

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I just want to know when Duke will get his own category???

MarkF Level 5 July 8, 2018

You roll the opening of the bag over a few times and then put the chip clip on it. It's nto rocket science.


Who knew there was a science to folding a bag of chips? It could be called Doritoalogy or Potatoestry.

Or the science behind thd chip bag ?


There's a wrong way to folding chip bags?


Ha ! My ex liked to do that to me even after we separated.


Well of course you need to know.........oh wait.....oops! Yep. Old habits die hard.
I am a reformed bag folder rectifier 😕 Please don't hate me...........

Oh ! So you are thd cause of the marriage break up ? Over folding a chip bag ???

@VAL3941 To have him tell it, yes....... lol

Thats life ! There's his side, there's your side and the truth lies in a folded chip bag some where in the middle ? Lololol

@VAL3941 Absafrickinlutely 😀


single is so simple.... just eat the whole dang bag.


And that's just the beginning! There's lots of other things you'll find out you've been doing wrong too!

Now, now, keep it clean ?


Why are you folding and not eating ?


It is really hard to fold a bag of air and a few crispy bits !

No....not if you fold it properly!!!!!

Is there and are you supposed to fold it properly ?

@VAL3941 Well... whether your supposed to is up to the individual 😀 (unless your married and sharing a bag) but is there a right way to do it in order to keep them at their maximum freshness until the next time, well yes there is. AND the whole chip bag thing is why I will not marry again 😕😀

See ! This whole chip bag folding thing is getting out of hand, no wonder marriages don't last ? LOLOLOL

@VAL3941 Exactly lol 😀


You fold them? I open them , decide they are too big, put them in my back pocket, sit on them or let the washing machine sort the mess out!

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