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This is an excerpt from a Voraciously WaPo Article. I found it amusing and thought I would share:
You’re still drinking coconut water? What is this, 2015? Birch water is so last year. Don’t even talk to me about aloe water. We obviously need new waters, so let’s dive right in: There’s Bee’s Water, a honey-sweetened water that is “full of natural energy” and comes in flavors including cinnamon and blueberry. Then there’s Sap on Tap, a maple water whose motto goes for the jugular: “Out with coconut water. In with maple tree water.” One of its waters comes with yerba mate, for a natural caffeine boost. The aforementioned GoLive is a “live probiotic water,” and it’s interactive: Press a compartment on the cap and release the live probiotics into the water, shake it and enjoy your ensuing gut health. But wait, here comes the mic drop of waters: organic water. You fools have been drinking conventional, nonorganic water your whole lives; do you even know what you’ve been missing? A company called Asarasi makes sparkling water that is harvested as a byproduct from maple sap, and because it is filtered through the tree, it has achieved USDA organic certification, something that regular water does not have (water is an inorganic compound). It tastes like sparkling water. Finally: an Israeli company called O. Vine is making wine grape water, which really makes me think of Jesus. It’s a sparkling water that gets its slight wine flavor from grape skins. I regret to inform you that it has no alcohol in it. I will continue drinking my own version of grape water: It’s called wine.

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I love the aloe based drinks, but calling them water is just stupid.


I never knew!


Any Parks and Recreation fans here? Your post made me think of this scene.

PhilB Level 4 July 8, 2018

Someone needs to invent Tea, they'll make millions!!!

I'm on it already! 😉


Smart water .....can't be that smart if it got caught and put in a bottle !!

LOL Oh geeze your right. Does this mean I should stop drinking it? Oh the money wasted.....


LOL. I was listening to an interview on NPR yesterday on the Wellness Industry. It creates trillions of dollars a year. I guess that explains the above options. Organic well who knew??

Saw bottles with Diet Water on the label. Assumed it was a joke.

@Spinliesel Sadly there are too many people in this world that would buy it.....and I say that in a non judgey sense! 😀


Saw an advert for hot dog sausage water the other day

Your kidding right? Although I do have to add that one of my favorite snacks is chocolate coated potato chips!!!

@patchoullijulie nope... £38 a bottle take a look []

@Simon1 Good Grief........were screwed. I mean....really? And Canada of all places......😕

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