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I could happily throttle my kids today, wanted to go to the beach, no, made pancakes for breakfast no! Neither has done a thing in the house and I'm furious! Turned off wifi and got sarcastic comment from the eldest, "I don't want anything anyway", that exactly whst their getting, a big heap of nothing till I get something back! Now he's decided to leave, it's a small town he has no money, I'm not overly concerned! Nothing he does is recognised, try fucking doing the laundry and cleaning, working full-time, going to college and organising fun stuff at the weekend see how you feel then! ?

Josephine 7 July 8

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@Josephine I wouldn't expect any changes for another six years or so.


I like your style


Well, in my experience, if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. Time for tough love, and an excellent opportunity for the youngsters to learn how to do some of the things mama does as you withdraw your services. Good luck, raising kids ain't easy.


Had heard this before want to punish the kids take the charging wires and watch as they slowly loose power to their devices.


Its nice to be appreciated.

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