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How many straight people here had sex with someone of the same sex? and How many gay people had sex with someone of opposite sex?

HariKrishnanM 4 July 8

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Straight. Never have & never would. I have nothing fundamentally against same sex relations, but guys don't get my dick hard.


There was an old cereal commercial from the 90's that said it best. "We eat what we like".


Straight and yes.


You should have created a poll.

I have never been attracted to women.

I agree. I’m among the many who is selective about how much of my sex life goes on the Internet.


Why do you ask?

Out of curiosity...


Straight. Never. Not sexually attracted to men and not interested in experimenting. Sex with women is pretty damn wonderful if you ask me. If it ain't broke, then don't fix it.

Good for you.... I am gay and I used to have with woman. not for me.


Gay and yes

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